Live Streaming App Development

Do you want to break into the streaming market by offering consumers a valuable and useful digital solution? Take advantage of our experience in media streaming software development at Lampa! We implement modern IT products for mobile device platforms, Android and iOS.

Our Live Streaming App Development Services

Offer your customers the best streaming features on the market thanks to Lampa app developers. The company implements the best live video streaming service available both in a browser and as an iOS or Android app. You can choose the type of digital product and its key features even before we start creating a live-streaming app.

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Why Choosing Our Services For Live Streaming & OTT Is a Good Idea?

Live streaming app development company Lampa is an industry flagship. The in-house development team has more than 9 years of experience working with streaming platforms and other niche digital products. Each company's experts have developed several live-streaming app projects from scratch and software development in general. Besides that, the company offers its clients only the best solutions and OTT platform development services on the market.


Agile approach

Video streaming app development company Lampa works with all the client's wishes and adapts to their requirements.


15% employee turnover rate

At Lampa, professionals linger and even have time to train newcomers in live-streaming Android app development


100% client satisfaction

Dozens of Lampa clients have already appreciated OTT app development services and are satisfied with the cooperation and quality of IT solutions.


Dedicated Project Manager

Streaming app development company Lampa allocates experts from the staff to manage the development project, which positively impacts its quality and development costs.


Thinking of the end user

Every consumer should be satisfied with the digital product. Lampa experts focus on creating software with the best practices of QA and UX.


On-Demand Live Streaming Solution

The team's expertise makes it possible to implement top-end digital solutions for content streaming or remote media access via smartphones.


Live Streaming Trends

When working on a project, the team's experts implement best practices and technologies to create a truly innovative digital product.


Dedicated Team

The company allocates professionals in a particular industry for each project: e-commerce, streaming, social, and many other popular business areas.

How We Can Cooperate

Lampa offers clients, several cooperation models. Each has its own characteristics, but they do not affect the final quality of the digital product and the project deadline. Choose the one that suits you, and our specialists will adapt to the conditions.

Dedicated team

We provide specialized, self-organized development teams. Each team comprises industry experts specially selected for the key tasks of your project. Thus, when you sign the contract, you get a project manager, developers, designers, QA, and everyone else whose skills are required in the project.


We provide our experts to expand your IT staff. They can help you access technology or skills your department doesn't have. Doing so can save the resources you need to train your staff and shorten your digital product release timeline by simply introducing a dedicated developer to your existing team.


The outsourcing model is the best choice if you need comprehensive digital solution development. In this case, you fully delegate the project to us, and we select experts for its implementation. You can monitor the progress using the CI/CD tools and special utilities. Also, you can make adjustments at each stage of development without loss of quality and timing, thanks to the Agile methodology.

Fixed bid

We can agree on the details and estimate your project in advance. You will get the full amount before we start work and can better plan your budget. This is a great solution for small projects with limited features. Contrary to popular belief, you can adjust the work by additional payment according to the standard price list.

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Industry Solutions We Also Worked On

We focus on popular and in-demand industries in the world. That's why our development experience will definitely suit you. Want to see for yourself? Check out our expertise in all areas of business.

How To Start Working With Us?

The process for starting a partnership is very simple and quick. It includes 5 steps:


Contact our manager and describe your project


Choose the project scale and the number of performers/use a consultation


Agree on a work plan and deadlines, choose the technology


Sign a cooperation agreement in physical or digital format


Start the project development with the help of our experts

We will start work within a week of signing the contract.

FAQ About Streaming/OTT Development

We know you have questions that you want to ask us. Start by reading the answers to the most common ones. If that doesn't satisfy your thirst for information, contact our manager and ask them for more information.

1. What mobile OS is better for custom live-streaming App Development?

It depends on how you want to monetize your digital product. iOS users are more generous when buying subscriptions and accessing content. Android consumers get along better with more in-app ads but are reluctant to pay for content.

2. How do I monetize my live-streaming app?

There are 5 traditional ways:

  • in-app advertising or marketing inserts in the content;
  • paid subscriptions;
  • premium access;
  • payment for content;
  • commissions.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Combine them.

3. How long does it take to create a live-streaming app?

Depends on some organizational and technical factors, for example:

  • in-app advertising or marketing inserts in the content;
  • paid subscriptions;
  • premium access;
  • payment for content;
  • commissions.

The median development time is 3 to 5 months.

4. Can you add more features to my existing live-streaming app?

In most cases, yes. It depends primarily on what technology is used at the core of your current platform. Some are easier to scale, and others are more difficult. In general, it is better to develop a project from scratch, but we can make a compromise

5. How much would it cost to develop a custom live-streaming app?

The final cost is not a benchmark and depends on:

  • the project's complexity;
  • the number of functions;
  • type of technology;
  • the number of performers;
  • the desired timeframe for release.

The average amount for such a project ranges from $5,000 to $25,000.

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