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Implementing digital technologies in the financial business helps to improve internal processes and the quality of service. Use Lampa’s fintech product development services to implement a valuable product for your customers and monetize it.

Type of Fintech Application We Create

Our fintech application development company implements all kinds of web and mobile applications for the industry. We focus on ensuring the highest possible software quality and usability for the target audience. When you order a project from us, you get branding compliance and comprehensive development solutions. They will help you reach the top positions in the market rankings.

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What Is a Fintech Application?

This is a type of software that allows entrepreneurs to implement a wide range of different financial services. These include traditional and more modern ones like selling NFTs or converting cryptocurrencies. With the help of experts from fintech app development company Lampa, your brand can build almost any type of fintech app, for example:

  • 01
  • 02
    Cryptocurrency exchange
  • 03
    Payment service
  • 04
    Crowdfunding platform
  • 05
    Resource for NFT trading
  • 06
  • 07
    Fast lending service
  • 08
    Personal savings planner
  • 09
    Financial assistant
  • 10
    Stock exchange
  • 11
    DeFi and Crypto apps

Why Choosing Our Services For Fintech App Development Is a Good Idea?

Fintech app development firm Lampa is your reliable partner in implementing the most ambitious plans, concepts, and technological ideas.


Agile approach

We always adapt to the client, developing software for them and conducting a full range of QA of the digital solution, including unit tests.


Dedicated project manager

The team of fintech developers has a project manager who ensures compliance with software development standards, deadlines, discipline, and more.


100% client satisfaction

We offer only top fintech app development services that satisfy all customers without exception, as they receive their orders on time and in the highest quality.


Dedicated team

For fintech app development solutions, we allocate the best experts of the company who work exclusively on your project without being distracted by other tasks.


Thinking of the end user

Lampa app developers also actively use mobile and web apps. Therefore, we know very well what the potential target audience expects from a digital product they install on their smartphones.


15% employee turnover rate

Our app development team consists of experts dedicated to the company. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that a critical developer, tester, or designer will abandon the project during a crucial phase.


95% of the company – Senior and Middle engineers

Among the Lampa fintech app developers working on your project, there are mostly Middle and Senior experts. They ensure the highest quality of the digital product.

Our Fintech App Development Services

Lampa is a leader in innovation among development companies. Use our many years of experience to create and scale finance applications. We will help you fulfill the most ambitious ideas, turning them into high-quality and useful digital products with dozens of scalable technologies to implement.

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Industry Solutions We Also Worked On

In addition to fintech application development services, we help clients enter all popular markets and business niches. If you need a digital solution for another industry, contact a Lampa manager. We will implement it for you!

How To Start Working With Us?

Forget about bureaucracy and paperwork. Delegate your order to us in just 5 steps:


Call the Lampa manager and briefly describe the project


Sign the NDA and tell the team about your idea in more detail


Choose a cooperation model, deadlines, and budget


Adjust the tech stack and team composition


Sign an employment (or project development) agreement

How We Can Cooperate

When offering our fintech app development services, we understand that each client has their own view of cooperation with contractors. Therefore, we provide several cooperation options. You can choose the best one for your budget, needs, and project scale.

Dedicated team

To create and develop your project, we provide our own Full Stack team. It includes an analyst, a manager, back-end and front-end developers, designers, testers, and UI/UX experts.


Compensate for the lack of in-house talent by hiring experts from our company. They are self-disciplined and self-organized, and quickly join the development process, providing professional services.


Take care of key business processes, marketing, and networking, and leave the development project to us. We will quickly select the necessary tech stack by analyzing the industry and specifications and deliver a high-quality digital product on time.

Fixed bid

Set your own development budget limit and specify critical features and deadlines. You will receive an MVP that will immediately start generating revenue, which you can later convert into scaling your IT product.

Time & Materials

Give us freedom of action, and you will get a comprehensive digital solution. We will maximize its scale by filling it with innovative technologies, popular features, trendy UI/UX, and impeccable quality.

FAQ About Fintech Application Development

Do you have a lot of questions about the project? We created a comprehensive overview to answer almost all your questions. Our manager also can answer any questions via chat, email, or phone.

1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Fintech App?

There is no single price range. The cost varies depending on tech stack, project scale, team size and composition, licenses, third-party integrations, synchronization with financial systems, etc.

2. Who Owns The Code And Design of Our Fintech App?

It depends on the terms of the development agreement and your solution. We can lease the software or sell you all the intellectual and material rights to the digital product. In any case, it is up to you to decide.

3. What About App Maintenance And Support Services?

We undertake the responsibility to maintain and update the digital product within the timeframe specified in the contract. That is, we provide comprehensive support and modernization. However, scaling is discussed separately.

4. Can You Include Some of My Ideas In My Fintech App?

Moreover, we use your ideas and concepts to create a digital solution. Yes, we partially adjust if there are good technical reasons for this. But without critical changes in functionality or business logic.

5. How Can I Monetize My Fintech App?

In all available ways: selling services, mediation, commissions for transactions or deals, advertising programs, VIP access, installation fees, etc. Moreover, you can invest in software and receive income from it.

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