Smart TV App Development

Use the help of Lampa experts to launch your own innovative IT solution in the market. Get a competitive edge with a unique product for broadcasting and distributing media content. Launch a platform for a large number of devices on popular operating systems.

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Smart TV App Development Services

We, the Lampa experts, implement projects of any complexity for platforms: Roku, Apple TV, Android, Tizen, and devices Samsung, LG, Sony, and Amazon Fire.


Smart TV App Development

We create state-of-the-art algorithms for decoding and processing live streaming or file-based video content using advanced technologies for your Smart TV over the Internet. We develop programs not only for individual platforms but also for mobile streaming, which allows you to turn your iOS/Android device into a portable player with touch control.


Set-Top Boxes Apps

Our Smart TV development for set-top boxes allows you to install progressive software with Android or Linux as the basis on various devices. These digital solutions extend the capabilities of the set-top boxes and enable a modern interface with functions like Netflix, making content delivery even more accessible to the end consumer.


Live Streaming Apps

We create unique apps for streaming video from any device. You can use different equipment to capture video or show completed files with playback scripts from drives or servers. Our technology allows you to protect content from plagiarism and copying, which further increases the security of your work.


Smart TV App Migration

We develop cross-platform digital products supported by all OSs and set-top box platforms. You are not limited in your choice of devices for software installation. With our apps, you can deploy video streaming or digital content distribution on any modern device.


Smart TV App Testing

In addition to traditional services, we also provide a testing service. You can get a complete analysis of your existing device software and find its weaknesses. After testing your existing digital solution, we will develop a project to improve, optimize or upgrade it, creating a roadmap of work and a technical stack.


Smart TV App Maintenance

We will carry out a complete audit of all Smart TV components and determine their productivity. In addition, we will evaluate the possibilities of monetization and, if necessary, implement such models as AVOD, SVOD, or TVOD/PPV, based on SSAI/CSAI. We also check the solution's security and analyze the possibility of encryption, user rights, and DRM.

Our cases

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Our Benefits As Smart TV Application Development Services Company

Lampa experts offer clients a full range of services, several technologies to choose from, and full support for the digital product throughout its lifecycle.

Dedicated Team

Our company consists of 45 specialists of different profiles. This allows us to allocate fully functional teams to work on several projects simultaneously. In addition, we work to bolster existing teams by providing the necessary number of experts to a client. This allows us to strengthen the staff and complete the development faster and with a high level of quality.

Great experience

TV application development agency Lampa has been developing for more than 9 years and, during this period, has completed 120+ projects for different customers. We use only proven frameworks, technologies, methodologies, and tools that provide digital products with the best UX and performance in the market, as well as release them just in time.

Trusted by brands

We have completed more than 120 projects for various customers. Not all of them are global brands, but with our digital solutions, they have every chance to expand their sphere of influence. We can highlight Lampa's most famous clients: 1+1, OVVA, UNN, UNIAN, TSN, and Virgin Radio. These are only representatives of the industry directly related to Smart TV technologies.

Multiple platforms

TV app development agency Lampa creates software for all platforms and devices from different manufacturers. We sell software for Roku, Apple TV, Android, Tizen, Samsung, LG, Sony, Amazon Fire, Apple, and many other brands. Also, if necessary, we can release cross-platform apps packed in native formats for target devices and operating systems.

Our Smart TV App Development Process

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We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We comprehensively assess the client's needs and the state of the market, picking out the most successful solutions, both technically and financially. Focusing on the industry favorites, such as Netflix, we do everything to ensure that the quality of your product is not inferior to competitors and even superior to their apps. That's why when you work with us, you get access to progressive and effective ways to develop your brand.


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
The classic study of the monetization model, market conditions, or technical base is only a basis that is obligatory but not all-encompassing. We work according to the "expanding horizons" method and study all the industry's features in detail, highlighting the most effective methods and models. You will get the best analysis of the sphere and recommendations on project development in the long term.


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We develop IT products strictly according to customer specifications using advanced technologies, modern and reliable frameworks. We consider technical and UX nuances, creating a truly convenient and efficient digital solution. With it, you will provide consumers with a feature-rich and productive platform that fully meets their expectations.


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
Most broadcast or content hosting applications are developed based on cloud technology and the power of dedicated servers. This allows not only to increase the bandwidth of communication channels but also to expand storage to accommodate large amounts of digital data in popular formats. We use only proven technologies with support for encryption, DRM, and other ways to protect content from copying and theft.


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
Our products are always cleared of even minor errors as much as possible. We use modern QA techniques at all stages of development, increasing the efficiency of this process. We automate and parallelize some tests, thus speeding up testing and increasing its efficiency. Besides, we often resort to manual testing to spontaneously verify software components and eliminate user scenario errors.


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We handle the deployment and configuration of your digital products on the selected hosting by ourselves. As a result, you get a fully ready-to-use IT solution. We also provide 24/7 technical support throughout the entire product lifecycle. Your software will always be up to date with the latest security patches. If necessary, we upgrade and scale the platform.

Industry Solutions We Worked On

Smart TV apps development company Lampa works with all popular industries, providing consumers with quality digital products.


Do you have an idea but do not have the technical means or experience to implement it? Lampa specialists will develop a project of any complexity for you!


Need an application for streaming digital content? Delegate the task of developing it to Lampa’s experts!


Do you want to distribute content to a wide target audience? Entrust the Lampa team to develop a digital platform for working with content!


Need an app for online fitness classes with coaches and mentors? The experts at Lampa will implement it for you!

Social network

Do you want to compete with TikTok or Instagram in the field of video content? Lampa specialists will turn your ambitions and ideas into digital life!

Our Сapabilities
In Smart TV Application Development

Lampa experts offer clients a full range of services, several technologies to choose from, and full support for the digital product throughout its lifecycle.


Decoding Audience

We conduct a complete analysis of your brand's target audience, identify their essential needs, and build a project based on this data. This allows us to highlight consumer interests and tailor the digital solution to them in advance. In this way, you can present an IT product that will be highly appreciated and thus quickly become popular in a certain segment, gaining its share of popularity in the market.


App Strategy

We not only develop but also analyze the industry, its condition, trends, and key factors influencing the popularity of platforms. Thanks to this approach, we can assess the prospects and choose the most optimal ones: technical stack, UI, and hosting features. As a result, we will turn it all into a digital platform, which will become the basis for subsequent scaling and functionality expansion after the release at the MVP stage.


Design & Prototype

Design for the user plays almost a key role when choosing software, regardless of the industry. At Lampa, we strive for perfection and create innovations, even in graphic design. Even at the start of the project, we implement several variants of UI with optimal UX, which we agree with the client and use as the basis for a digital solution. As a result, the client gets a base of grateful clients who appreciate the app's graphics.


App Development

In software development, we are guided by three principles: flexibility, acceptable deadlines, and the best quality. All this allows us to implement the MVP on time at such a level that its further scaling can be put aside for a long time and focus on service delivery as well as on calculating profits. Advanced frameworks, cloud technologies, a modern toolset, and vast industry experience allow us to make apps of the utmost quality.


App Testing

Not a single bug will remain in the program! We work on every project with this motto, striving to provide top-notch code quality and the best UX to consumers. Get the highest app scores from grateful users regardless of platform. We optimize our IT solutions for all popular OSs and target devices. Whether it's Samsung, Apple, LG, or any other brand of Smart TV device, the software will work flawlessly.


Go-live & Maintenance

We deal with hosting issues and publishing software in profile OS stores. Lampa accounts have already undergone all verification processes, allowing faster deployment of digital products on cloud servers. In addition, we are engaged in lifelong support of all our developments, regardless of their profile or industry. Therefore, ordering software from Lampa guarantees timely upgrades and maintenance.

Technologies We Use

Our tools encompass all of the most important technologies and platforms, and our solutions are derived from the most cutting-edge technological trends.

Programming languages











AndroidTV Leanback

Swift UI


Cocoa Touch

UI kit


Core Animation

AV Foundation

XC Test

Flutter Bloc



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Databases and data storages

Cloud Firestore


Core Data

Data Store



Shared Preferences









Web services




Web Sockets




Application monitoring


Platforms we develop on

A wide range of web and mobile app development solutions and technologies for projects of any complexity

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the specifics of the industry and its complexity, Lampa experts have prepared for you answers to popular questions on the development of software for Smart TV.

How much does it cost to develop a smart TV app?

This depends directly on the complexity of a project. For example, if you need a program for one ecosystem with a few features, such a job will cost less than a cross-platform MVP release with a large set of features.

What can a developed Smart TV app do for you?

You can use it to broadcast or play licensed content on demand. But best of all, these processes can be monetized and turned into a source of income with flexible pricing.

Why should I choose our company as my Smart TV app developer?

Lampa has been creating Smart TV software for over {{years}} years and has completed over 120 projects for customers worldwide. Our experts work with all popular technologies, providing the best quality software on the market.

What about data security and integrity of the Smart TV app?

Lampa specialists use end-to-end encryption technology, DRM protection, and other security methods and techniques. With our software, you are not at risk of digital content theft or resale.

Do you provide post-launch maintenance and support?

Of course, all of our digital products receive a full support package. We support all IT solutions throughout their lifecycle, periodically updating the platform and security protocols, as well as, scaling them upon request.

What is the first thing to consider when developing Smart TV apps?

It is essential to understand the target audience's needs and know the specifics of their devices and OS. Focusing on this data, you can create useful and popular software solutions which will be well monetized and scaled.

Do you create Smart TV apps on all platforms?

Yes, supported ecosystems include Tizen, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS, as well as devices of such brands as Samsung, LG, Apple, Philips, and Xiaomi. If necessary, we can create software for other platforms.

What types of Smart TV apps do you create?

Everything from regular IPTV services to platforms for creating and consuming streaming digital content. We can also create an analog of digital cinema, audio streaming apps, etc.

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