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We at Lampa software believe no great venture should be held back by technical execution. Translating this core belief into action, we work closely with our partners to launch new initiatives and scale existing ones. We work to understand your vision, help define your product, then design, build, and launch trusted custom software. We provide custom IT outsourcing services primarily for startups, businesses, and nonprofits

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We know that building an app that people love, can be a risky, creative endeavour. That’s why we don’t make assumptions, we remove them. We analyze your business needs, strategize, design, develop, brand, and launch businesses into the world.

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Regardless of whether you need to craft an idea for a completely new software product or evaluate the quality of an already existing system – our custom IT outsourcing company is here to help you. We perform an in-depth analysis of your specific business needs, target audience, and competitor market. Based on the information we receive, we will create the structure of your project and select the best tools for its implementation.

    MVP plan
  • Features list and specifications of the future custom software application
  • Road map


Craft delightful user experiences for your digital products. Solve real problems and improve your vital business metrics through beautiful interfaces.

    UI/UX design
    Design review
  • User stories
  • Mockups
  • User portrait
  • Designed pages


Our IT outsourcing team collaborates through iterative Milestones throughout the product development process with emphasis on functionality and a flawless user experience. We prioritize features and scope to tackle each goal step by step, with weekly tracking on JIRA or your preferred project admin tool.

    App Development
    Backend Development
    API Integration
  • Mobile apps
  • Web apps
  • TV apps
  • Desktop apps
  • Testing documentation


We automate and parallelize some tests, resort to manual testing to spontaneously check software components thereby speeding up testing. As a result, our products are always as bug-free as possible.

    Software Testing
    Bug Fixing
    Quality Control
  • Testing documentation
  • Bugs free build


A team of experts works with you every step of the way to make sure your launch is optimal and a significant win for all. Our agency offers training and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition for your team handoff and launch. We will help to streamline your workflow.

    Upload Apps To The Store
    Deploy Backend/Frontend
    Deploy Monitoring Tools
  • Apps in AppStore/Pay Store
  • Web apps


We provide technical support and Bug-Fixing as needed. Our software maintenance services range from performance monitoring, QA, bug-fixing to development of new functionalities for your customized software. We develop software from scratch, so we have access to all the necessary tools to refine and scale it.

    Maintains Of Product
    Implementation of New Features
  • Update mobile apps in stores


What Clients Say

Marco Jacobs

Marco JacobsCEO & CTO / CodeIntelx

Feedback summary

The company has landed their first contract with the initial launch, and the app has reached over 1000 downloads and five-star reviews. Lampa Software has proven to be a reliable partner by providing constant updates. They are responsive, attentive, and quick to understand requirements.

May 15, 2022
Alon Zlatkin

Alon ZlatkinCOO & Co-Founder / Dogiz

Feedback summary

Lampa Software has delivered the products on the agreed deadline. They are a diligent team dedicated to achieving business goals and development needs. Communicating with them has been consistently smooth. Their professionalism and passion have been unwavering throughout the relationship.

May 10, 2022
Pavel Loba

Pavel LobaCEO /

Feedback summary

Lampa was able to successfully deliver a functional MVP of the product for both practitioners and patients. The team was highly communicative, providing regular updates on the progress of the project. The stakeholders were impressed with Lampa's time management and efficiency.

Feb 17, 2021
Giulia Garau

Giulia GarauFounder / Style Your Day

Feedback summary

The stakeholders are pleased with Lampa's effort. Although the app has not gone live yet due to marketing delays on the partners' side, the team has already completed the build. The end product was able to meet the clients' demands and expectations.

Nov 23, 2020
Andriy Pizhevskyy

Andriy PizhevskyyFounder & Owner / Artinov Group

Feedback summary

Lampa Software’s work received positive feedback from the client due to their timely deliveries and updates. Their professional and personable approach resulted in a smooth collaboration. Ultimately, they were dedicated and transparent aside from being technically proficient.

May 16, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can Small Businesses Benefit from IT Outsourcing?

Small businesses can reach benefits in time and cost savings firstly. Outsourcing teams avoid hiring process and receive better performance in case of finding a well-matched vendor for their businesses. Companies are receiving a full development plan, great management systems and well-performed result. We at Lampa are connecting with small businesses a lot and reaching expanding and success together!

2. What Are the Costs Associated with IT Outsourcing?

When you are starting working with IT Outsourcers, pricing formation is one of key moments which are discussed. Firstly you need to agree a team price: research fase, UI/UX part, Development, Testing, Management of the project and also some additional fees which can be added through development process. Rates are usually based on the skills and location of specialists. Infrastructure, communication and security costs also need to be calculated.

3. In-House Development vs Outsourcing: What's the Best Choice?

At first sight, In-House Development brings better control on a development process, faster communication, and better company’s culture implementation, but you will spend higher budget, will be limited in the tech stack, and will lose a lot of time for the recruitment process. So, Outsourcing will bring a result faster, will save your costs and time, and you will be broaded for worldwide specialists. Every choice need to be accepted due to your challenges, but if you will choose an outsourcing partner responsible — you won’t have any communication, security, and dependency problems.

4. What Are the Key Benefits of IT Outsourcing?

The key superiorities of IT Outsourcing are: cost savings, faster start of a development phase, worldwide openness for broaded technical stack specialists, high-quality expertise, time savings, possibility to have an expert’s view on any development stage, easier and more productive project management. There are some more of them, but when you will find a match with your qualitative vendor — your work process should become a huge benefit.

5. What Are the Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing?

As for Pros of IT Outsourcing, the main of them are: budget saving, openness for any technical stack worldwide, flexibility of development process, high-level expertise and support from experienced professionals, less control from your own part and an opportunity to focus on the core challenges firstly. Talking about Cons: some communication issues due to timezone of a development team, dependency on partner, limited customization. But any of numered Pros and Cons can be solved by a vendor which you will choose.

6. How to Effectively Manage Outsourced Development Teams?

Firstly you need to review and accept an estimation and go further. Then, after selecting of the partner, your main task is to build communication together to don’t have any misunderstandings. Set up weekly and monthly review call is a must have to track results better. Don’t forget that your involvement will help both team with management and archievements reaching.

7. How to Choose the Right Software Outsourcing Company?

After setting your goals and technical requirements — you will have a possibility to start reviewing and choosing some technical experts in choosed technical stack. Then you need to check company’s portfolio and find your niche’s projects. Like an option — you can ask for a review or recommendation from previous сustomers. After checking some references — you can start with a research and design stage, previously connected all communication features. After the development, and testing part you are going to release and post-development process.

8. What Types of IT Services Can Be Outsourced?

Often, UI/UX design, mobile apps, websites and TV platforms development are the most popular outsourced service all over the world. But we can’t forget about UX audit, research, branding strats development, post-development support are also actively outsourcing from day-to-day. Some independent solutions like IT consulting, cloud expertise, desktop management, and digital marketing are outsourcing too. You can learn more about services which are outsourcing by Lampa Software on our website!

9. Why Web Development Outsourcing is Beneficial?

Web Development outsourcing benefits aren’t so different in case of other types of development. But, when you are outsourcing web development expertise, the main benefits are: budget saving, an opportunity to review proposals and choose the best technical stack for your own project, faster work start, process, and product release, high-level post-development support, quicker adaptation for any technical changes.

10. What to Consider When Outsourcing Software Development?

When you consider to provide an IT outsourcing for your business, you need to review some key factors. Compare project needs and challenges with expected budget, technical stack and timelines. Also, reputation, security, and safety factors are really important. You need to review previous vendor’s projects in choosed industry. Creation of high-level documentary part can regulate all the milestones, security, and risk situations.

11. How Do IT Outsourcing Firms Differ from Each Other?

If you thought that all outsourcers are the same — that’s not truth. Each outsourcer has his unique proposal for his client. The main differences can be showed in characteristics, like: pricing, level of developer’s skills, company’s location, company size, portfolio, references, communication ways, review variables, and a suggestion of a customer proposal and estimation for a project needs. Every vendor will try to match your needs, but you need to keep your finger on a pulse and always be responsible while a process of finding matched vendor for you.

12. What Makes a Top IT Outsourcing Company?

The main skills and variables how you can find the Top IT Outsourcing company are always subjective, but today’s market considered some main pool of the most important records. A portfolio, experience and expertise level is a face of a Top IT Outsourcer. Client satisfaction and lifetime level always evolve on company’s level too. In-house development of innovation solutions is also a factor, how we at Lampa are working too, is a rarely exists advantage, but high-level on-site Outsourcers usually are more effective and responsible.

13. Best Practices for Outsourcing IT Projects

The main practice is to confirm challenges plan firstly. Only after confirming a technical expectation any outsourcer can start their own work to achieve a result in the end of Outsourcing process. Then, you need to track the performance via communication and your own involvement into the project. Usually, we use weekly synch calls with our partners to them easier track the result and us easier bring it and always be in touch. Of course, speed of both sides feedback is one of the most valuable indicator here and you always need to remember that it’s really affects on result.

14. How to Evaluate IT Outsourcing Providers?

Evaluation of your possible IT Outsourcing Provider is an opportunity to predict your future feedback on vendor’s reputation depending on final results. Usually, the most valuable indicators in evaluating are assessment of technical requirements, reviewing a general and industry experience, vendor’s portfolio and latest projects too. Also, you need to sum up all soft-skills, like communication, openness for changes, and flexibility.

15. When Should You Consider Outsourcing Software Engineering?

Software Engineering Outsourcing is the most valuable for businesses which don’t have their own development departments and have expected challenges to boost their results via development solutions. It can works for companies who plans to reinvent their today’s way of digital increasing to change technologies and achieve the result faster.


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