Pet Care App Development Service

Provide your pets with the best care and attention with technological solutions from Lampa.  Whether you have a pet business or are a caring pet owner, Lampa's pet health app will help you better control all aspects of your pet's life.

Type of Pet Apps We Create

Our pet care app development company is an industry leader with many years of experience. We create progressive technical solutions that are useful both for pet breeders and owners of specialized stores, clinics, and services.

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What is a Pet Care App?

These are mobile and web-based apps designed for pet care. They help pet owners to:

  • 01
    Keep track of the feeding schedule
  • 02
    Plan visits to vets
  • 03
    Look for the nearest clinics, stores, and parks
  • 04
    Monitor the condition of pets
  • 05
    Keep a pet health log
  • 06
    Share experiences with other owners
  • 07
    Search for profile services
  • 08
    Track pets using GPS (via collars)
  • 09
    Keep records of pet treatments and vitamins
  • 10
    Get a pet from kennels

Why Choosing Our Services For Pet Care App Development Is a Good Idea?

Lampa is the best pet care app development team with years of experience in the industry. Delegate your project to us and get the best service on the market. We appreciate the holistic approach, providing high-quality code, bug-free software, and top-notch UX. Hand us your project and see our professionalism!


Dedicated project manager

Your project is in good hands. The company assigns a specialist who will supervise the development throughout all the stages. If necessary, they will stay with you until the end of the product lifecycle.


15% employee turnover rate

The team has remained unchanged over the entire period of work. You don't have to worry about a development member leaving the company in the middle of a project. Even if this happens, there will be an instant replacement.


100% client satisfaction

If our client is unsatisfied with something, it is not our client. All customers repeatedly come to us to develop new or scale old projects. Don't believe us? See for yourself!


Agile approach

We find compromises even in the most challenging situations. With our service, you will forget about development problems and broken deadlines.


Thinking of the end user

We think along the same lines as your audience. That's why we provide the most comfortable UX for all types of apps we build.


Dedicated team

Highly qualified specialists will work on your project. They will also support the digital product throughout its entire life cycle.


95% of the company – Senior and Middle engineers

Lampa employs highly qualified personnel. Even if a specialist comes to us at the Junior level, in a short time, they grow up to Middle. We raise experts for your projects ourselves!

Our Pet Care App Development Services

We strive to provide the most important features for the care of our four-legged friends. That is why we are meticulous in creating marketplaces and apps that allow you to monitor pet activity, animal care, and health. We provide the best service on the market aimed at pet industry business owners, pet lovers/parents. We will develop mobile apps for everyone who wants to give their pet only the best. Our pet health tech is designed to monitor common health issues, pet food, pet wearable, training, vet visits, and professional care.

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Industry Solutions We Also Worked On

We are by no means limited to one area of development. We constantly improve our skills and tools and learn new methods. When you order a project from us, you can be sure that we'll implement it professionally and on time.

How To Start Working With Us?

You only need to take five small steps to start our cooperation:


Describe your idea to our manager


Choose the cooperation model


Sign an NDA


Negotiate deadlines and targets


Launch the project

How We Can Cooperate

We offer you several collaboration options. You will receive the highest quality service and a corporate guarantee for digital solutions regardless of your choice.

Dedicated team

We allocate experts from the staff, who are entirely under your management until the end of the contract.


We provide great specialists to introduce to your team remotely or in the office.


We fully immerse ourselves in your project, controlling all its aspects and solving problems comprehensively.

Fixed bid

We work within the available budget, using it as effectively as possible to achieve results.

FAQ About Pet Care Application Development

We know how interested you are in the nuances of our work. That's why we've prepared answers to the most common questions. Need more specific details? Ask our manager.

1. How much does it cost to develop a pet care app?

The median project cost is $50,000-$15,000. It depends on some factors: scale, features, timing, team size, and technology. We recommend implementing an MVP and then scaling up sequentially to save the budget.

2. Who owns the code and design of our pet care app?

Depends on the terms of the contract. We can make a long-term agreement with further maintenance or sell you a digital product so that you can dispose of it at your own discretion.

3. What about app maintenance and support services?

We provide support and scaling throughout the entire lifecycle of the digital solution. Additional conditions and services are also possible, which are discussed outside the scope of the standard cooperation agreement.

4. Can you include some of my ideas in my pet care app development?

All your ideas will be realized in a digital product if there are means and resources to create them. If this is not feasible, we will offer our own alternatives relevant to your idea and concept.

5. How can I monetize my pet care app?

Almost all apps are monetized through services, advertising, direct sales, or rentals. You can choose the model that suits your business or even combine several, generating increased income.

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