Cashback Website And App Development

Offer customers unique conditions for getting cashback from purchases. Connect affiliate programs to form a resource comparison dashboard and get a commission for each transaction.  Earn money on affiliate marketing with the cashback app development service from Lampa team!

Types of Cashback Apps We Create

There are no barriers for Lampa experts. We create the entire range of software regardless of niche, specificity, or complexity. As for the cashback industry, we develop all popular tech solutions to meet the needs of your business and reveal its main idea.

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What is a Cashback App/Website?

These are special partnership agreements in which a resource that offers discounts or refunds earns commissions from a store, restaurant, service company, etc. The mechanics of such systems are simple:

  • 01
    A potential customer base is accumulated through a website or app
  • 02
    Users follow a link (with an ID key) and make purchases
  • 03
    The resource pays commissions to the owner of the network from which customers come for each transaction
  • 04
    The system returns from 1% to 5% of the purchase amount to customers (to a special account)
  • 05
    A user withdraws the amount (the minimum threshold is usually 100 c.u.) to their card.

Why Choosing Our Services For Cashback App Development Is a Good Idea?

Lampa doesn't compromise on cashback website development, creating digital products of the highest quality and releasing them on time. We focus on the following critical factors: the client's budget, the audience and its wishes, the specifics of the business, and its main idea. You get a fully functional IT solution that meets the expectations of potential customers and brings you maximum profit.


Agile approach

We are flexible in our work, adapting to the client's wishes, specifications, functionality, etc. We consider all requirements, comments, and corrections, creating the perfect digital solution.


Dedicated project manager

Each project is handled by a dedicated development team with a manager at the head. We fulfill all tasks, meet schedules, and meet quality standards for the digital solution.


100% client satisfaction

If a client is unsatisfied with the result, they have not worked with Lampa. All our clients continue to work with us by ordering scaling or upgrades.


Dedicated team

Your project is in the safe hands of an expert team of developers who do not switch to other tasks. You get a range of services with timely finalization and implementation of the app, web system, etc.


Thinking of the end user

When developing, we always focus on the target audience. We see the project from the user's point of view, considering their wishes regarding technical capabilities. This is how we implement an IT product's optimal UX and quality.


15% employee turnover rate

Lampa employees are a valuable asset that we are proud of. That's why we do our best to encourage experts to continue their careers in our team. As a result, the best of the best work on your projects.


95% of the company – Senior and Middle engineers

We actively hire newcomers, but they quickly grow. Therefore, your tasks are handled by talents who have developed their skills and know how to improve your project.

Our Cashback Application Development
Case Studies

Want to check our skills for yourself? Take a look at examples of projects completed by Lampa experts. We publish information in as much detail as possible, but for obvious reasons (namely, NDA), we don't share some of the nuances.

Our Cashback App Development Services

Use the many years of development experience of Lampa to create modern client services with the ability to earn money with every purchase. Monetize your own resource with advertising, affiliate programs, commissions, loyalty systems, etc. With our help, you will present users with a valuable product with bonuses and vouchers.

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Industry Solutions We Also Worked On

We do not limit ourselves to one industry when developing technological solutions. Our areas of expertise include all popular and essential business niches. If you need software to implement your ideas, welcome to Lampa.

How To Start Working With Us?

We do not want to burden our clients with bureaucratic nuances, so we offer a minimum number of steps to start cooperation. However, without some formalities, we cannot start the development process. To order a project, you need to:


Contact the manager and briefly describe the purpose of the project


Sign an NDA and tell analysts about the idea in more detail


Choose a cooperation model, set deadlines, and discuss the budget


Choose a tech stack and team composition


Sign a cooperation agreement

How We Can Cooperate

It is essential for us to provide your project with the maximum possible support while saving your budget. We offer you several options for cooperation, among which you will find the best one for your needs and available resources.

Dedicated team

You get a Full Stack team to fulfill your most ambitious tech ideas and transform them into a full-fledged digital product. Thanks to this, you don't need to look for third-party experts. We offer a perfectly composed asset: a manager, back-end and front-end developers, designers, visualizers, software architects (engineers), testers, and UI/UX experts.


Hire our experts to compensate for staff shortages in your organization. Get access to the skills, experience, and technologies that are important to your project. Ensure the timely completion of tasks with the help of Lampa specialists integrated into a ready-made team. We will help you complete your digital project of any scale in a timely and high-quality manner.


We free you from the need to create IT solutions on your own. We take over the development initiative and implement the project. Of course, you can monitor progress in real-time, adjusting the workflow at your own discretion. We guarantee compliance with all deadlines and the maximum budget you will allocate for development.

Fixed bid

We focus on achieving the best possible result within a limited budget. We implement the critical functionality for the fastest possible release of the MVP to the target market. Accordingly, the created base will be enough to launch and monetize your business, and you can invest the earned funds in scaling later.

Time & Materials

We implement the entire list of necessary functions and technologies when developing a project. Following the established deadlines, we create an innovative digital solution for you based on the author's concept or idea. Accordingly, upon completion of the work, we list the time spent, specialists involved, technology licensing, etc., and issue a comprehensive invoice.

FAQ About Cashback Application Development

We know that you want to get detailed answers to your questions. We have prepared information covering all the nuances of creating this type of software. If not, please contact our manager to get more details.

1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Cashback App?

There is no standardized price. Depending on the tech stack, development features, and project scale, the total cost can be as low as $500 per MVP or as high as $5,000.

2. Who Owns The Code And Design of Our Cashback App?

It depends on the contract terms. We usually sell all intellectual property along with a product to the client. However, we can also lease an IT solution for a percentage of the resource's profitability.

3. What About App Maintenance And Support Services?

We support our digital solutions for the period specified in the contract. If you need an extended package that includes further scaling or warranty service, tell the manager when discussing the project.

4. Can You Include Some of My Ideas In My Cashback App?

The entire project is developed according to your ideas and concepts. We make minimal adjustments to it, adapting it to the available technologies, tools, or technical stack. If, for some reason, we cannot implement everything, we discuss it in advance.

5. How Can I Monetize My Cashback App?

Since this type of web resource and application has native monetization, you do not need to add anything else. However, to increase your platform's profitability, actively promote it to potential customers and target users.

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