“Audiokitab” is a project to inform people about classical and modern Azerbaijani and world writers though new technologies, to improve reading skills and to develop their reading culture.


Mobile application





Because of the quarantine, libraries and bookstores were closed, so all such activities as reading books, even for conservative people, increasingly moved online. Many people want to read more books. But they do not always find time for this. Listening to an audiobook while cleaning is ideal


  • Create a convenient and modern application for buying and reading books with ability to switch to audio format

  • Providing more choices of books

  • Establishing a new vision in audio book applications

  • Trying to use gamification to support the idea of the application

  • Trying to solve problems of users of audiobooks and create a better experience than competitors


  • Divide books in chapters and put breaks

  • Give users option to request unavailable books

  • Collect information about users interests & preferences to make clear recommendations

  • Give users more options of storytellers

  • Challenges and gamification systems will motivate them

Book & Player page

Any book can be read by charging the screen and font settings for comfortable reading. You can also listen to this book. It is important that there is synchronization between these two methods so that you don`t have to look for where you left off

Book & Player page

Search & Catalog page

The books in the catalog are large enough. This is necessary so that on the move you can quickly select the desired book

Search & Catalog page


Users earn virtual coins or points achieving daily goals, completing challenges. Also users can track their virtual currency balance and view transaction history


Subscription screens

With our Premium Subscription, user'll gain exclusive access to a vast library of captivating audiobooks, handpicked just for them

Subscription screens

The process

We follow a robust process in building a product, which starts with understanding the requirement, followed by research, and then coming up with a design strategy, brainstorming ideas, designing and testing prototypes, and delivering the final prodcut


  • Initial Market Research
  • Stakeholder interview
  • Competitor analysis


  • Information architecture
  • User persona
  • Customer Journey Map


  • UI kit
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes


  • Clickable Prototype
  • Usability Testing
  • Development Support

Technologies we use

We use an advanced toolkit, which allows us to perform a full scope of work without losing productivity or increasing release times. During development, we match systems and utilities to an agreed tech stack to create clean code and effectively test digital solutions.

Back-End Technologies

  • Node.js

Front-End Technologies

  • React

Mobile Technologies

  • Flutter
  • Short statistics
    Quick statistics (read books, number of hours read, number of achievements).
  • User information
    Short information about the user, with the ability to edit its editing.
  • User achievements
    Information about your achievements (new, in progress and completed)
  • User information
  • Short statistics
  • User achievements

of our work

Lampa helped create a digital book listening app that caters to the needs of both book lovers and users who want to relax. The app connects readers around the world, builds close-knit communities, and helps readers find and share interesting books.

The design and development solutions provided by the Lampa team helped increase the conversion rate and improve our client’s return on investment.

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