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You need to ensure automation capabilities throughout the entire development cycle for the best quality of your digital product. With automation testing services from company Lampa, your IT solution will get the highest possible QA level and be presented to the public on time.


Automation Testing Services

Automated testing company Lampa is your guarantor for your digital product's quality and timely realization. Entrust the work on automation solutions with a small share of manual testing to our quality engineers. We use all our experience to reduce testing time and accelerate software development, ensuring the best test automation practices and achieving the highest possible product quality.


Test strategy

Testing automation company Lampa's services include developing a strategy for the QA process. We try to assess the project prospects in advance, prepare the technical automation framework stack, assemble the automation team and connect automation tools for both in-house testing and remote. Our testing solutions are launched even before the first stages of development, allowing you to integrate the QA process into CI/CD tools and achieve a better ROI through the benefits of test automation.


Test planning

Process planning plays a key role in automation strategy. Regardless of the scope of the work, most scenarios should be created early in the development process. This will help realize faster releases and continuous integration, ensuring continuous testing and a fully agile project. Our test automation engineers will prepare test cases based on test data, deploy test environments, and conduct test execution for all types of software.


Test metrics and reports

Automation testing services from Lampa mean full control of the development, QA, and transparency for the customer. We collect all the data from test automation tools with multiple environments, structure it and provide it on request. Or we make the CI/CD utilities available to the customer. With our test automation services, you will always know the digital product's degree of readiness and the work's current progress.


User acceptance testing

Besides data-driven testing, we apply the methodology of user tests, which helps test the software in non-standard situations. Usually, executing tests shows the problems of desktop, web, or mobile applications, but users who do not know how the software works can use it out of the box, revealing hidden bugs. QA automation testing can empower your business by maximizing the quality of your digital product, which will take UX to the next level.


Requirements traceability matrix

The usefulness of requirements tables has been proven in hundreds of implemented projects. We use matrices in our testing and automation processes to organize control over completed tasks and digital product specifications. This helps QA teams focus on critical project goals. Lampa is a reliable service provider to implement test automation solutions for your project and software testing in general.


Various types of testing

QA automation testing company Lampa provides all kinds of leading automation to test 99.9% of actual tasks. We use various automation techniques to achieve the best results and reusable scenarios. Among the main types of QA, we offer:

  • compatibility;
  • crowd;
  • exploratory;
  • functional testing;
  • integration;
  • mobile;
  • performance;
  • regression testing;
  • security;
  • API;
  • user acceptance;
  • usability.
With these software testing services, we cover 99.9% of the project's tasks and quickly provide the best possible QA before the MVP release.

Our cases

Do you want to be sure of our professionalism? Here are examples of the most successful works for Lampa clients in full detail of the QA process (as far as the NDA allows).

Want to get Automation Testing that will ensure superior quality of your software?

Our Benefits as an Automation Testing Company

Lampa is a recognized expert in the areas of development and QA of digital solutions for all popular business sectors.

Dedicated Team

We assemble a team of experts specifically for your project so that their experience and skills fully cover all relevant tasks and objectives.

Great experience

In 9 years in the IT solutions market, we have created and optimized more than 100 projects for clients worldwide. Now the audience of our apps is more than 12 million users.

Trusted by brands

Our clients, namely LetyShops, Axor, 4Seasons, 1+1, Unian, UNN, Chop-Chop, Firm, and many others, continue to cooperate to this day.

Fully dedicated support

Your project is assigned an expert or a whole team that works 24/7 to provide technical support.

Holistic approach

We try to cover the entire range of project tasks and solve them without compromising the quality of the digital product. We comprehensively develop and test an IT solution.


The cost of IT services is the cornerstone of our industry. We value our clients, so we help them save money by providing only the best experts and comprehensively performing the tasks at hand.

Human Centricity

We evaluate the product from all sides: as developers and QA experts, as well as in the role of users. That's why we find problems and solve them faster.

Attention to Details

We won't miss bugs in the MVP, let alone in the release version of your digital product. If necessary, we'll examine every line of code under a microscope, and we'll fix an error in time.

Certified QA Engineers

Hundreds of hours of digital courses and the same amount of offline training time – that's how much our professionals spend to maintain high skill levels and keep knowledge up to date in the industry.

Our Automation QA & Testing Process

  • Step 1


  • Step 2

    Test design

  • Step 3


  • Step 4

    Test environment

  • Step 5

    Test execution

  • Step 6

    Defect tracking


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We study the features of the project, its tech stack, functions, and business logic. Based on this information, we prepare the background for the further deployment of the verification process. We analyze typical scenarios for using a digital product, publishing platform, etc. Create a general description of the future testing process and critical tasks for the team.

Test design

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We use many years of experience to create a concept for the upcoming test. Choose a tech stack for writing algorithms, work on the testing stages, and synchronize the roadmap and deadlines. Prepare descriptions of typical scenarios, and develop basic points and checkpoints for tracking and documenting the process. Select and attract the necessary talent from the company's staff.


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We organize and optimize the roadmap of the planned work and prepare algorithms for automatic testing and scenario descriptions for manual testing. Select those responsible for the testing and form a team to perform the work. Create a testing plan, which includes all types of testing with a breakdown by stages and types of QA. Prepare for the deployment of tools, emulations, etc.

Test environment

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We set up the working environment, deploy cloud emulators, connect physical equipment such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, and launch virtual machines. Prepare a test environment by creating 'stubs' for certain functions and APIs to test key elements before creating and deploying working iterations of a digital product.

Test execution

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We check the created testing algorithms and run them sequentially (and some of them even in parallel). During the testing process, we monitor the execution of programmed commands, fix errors, and analyze the behavior of tools, emulations, etc. Prepare to localize and describe the errors found and pass them on to programmers and designers for correction.

Defect tracking

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
As soon as our automatic algorithm signals any error (failure of functions, navigation, retrieval of information from the database), we intercept it. This allows us to find the bug and localize it, sometimes even highlighting the code fragment that doesn't work or contains errors, e.g., in the syntax or function description. This provides developers with comprehensive information about the bug and allows them to fix it quickly.

Automation Tools & Technologies We Use

Good service is only possible with high-quality tools. That's why our arsenal consists of advanced systems, complexes, and utilities, with the help of which we achieve 100% efficiency of QA processes.


A developer can design, test, and troubleshoot software using developer tools, sometimes known as 'development tools' or simply 'DevTools.'


It is HTTP interceptor which is used for debugging of software. It is open sourced debugging library.


An API framework for creating and utilizing APIs is called Postman. Each stage of the API lifetime is made simpler using Postman, which also makes cooperation and interactions easier.


A source code set of guidelines, requirements, and resources called Swagger is used to create and describe APIs. Developers can write accessible, machine- and human-readable API docs using the Swagger technology.


An HTTP debugging proxy server application written in Java is called Charles Web Debugging Proxy. The user can see HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2[3], and allowed TCP port data that is viewed from the local computer.


Figma is a cutting-edge design tool that simplifies and streamlines the programmer offloading procedure functionally with high quality.

Solutions for Industries We Have Expertise In

Lampa works with most modern businesses, providing their owners with top automated software testing services. With our help, you will rid your digital products of bugs once and for all without sacrificing code quality or time to market for your IT solution.


Lampa Software offers services for developing ERP, CRM, CSM, HRM systems, and other corporate software to automate your business processes.


Want to launch a cool OTT platform? We'll create an app for you that allows your users to manage content anywhere, anytime.


To occupy a promising PetTech niche, you need quality software. Our digital solutions for pet owners will help promote your products and services.


Is your company taking its first steps in business? We're ready to support you in this! We'll release the MVP and tweak the product as soon as possible before its full-fledged release.


Your financial business has never been more secure! We offer convenient software for conducting transactions, storing funds, and investing without going to the bank.


Here is a software program that you can use to track your health and control your habits.


Working out without going to the gym? Easy! With digital products from Lampa, you can create a workout schedule, exercise online, and track your results.

Social network

Manage content, create publications, track user interactions – this and much more are available with Social Networks from Lampa Software.

Cashback service

Our Cashback Software allows you to build a loyalty program that retains existing customers and attracts new admirers to your brand.


We create for you the best photo editors, video processing and editing software, and other tools with functionality that is 100% relevant to your needs.


Manage your healthcare business with our CRM, ERP, and other clinic systems and specific software: EHR, EMR, etc.


Reliable software is indispensable for all online store owners. It allows you to manage inventory, process payments, fulfill orders and keep finances.


IT solutions for ticket and tour sales, transfer organization or hotel maintenance – we have everything you need to expand your customer network and increase your profits.


We can help you start your own business on the web! Transaction processing, user and database management, API integration – far from everything we can offer you.

Our Fundamentals For Success In Automation Testing Cooperation

We focus on the details and quality of the digital product!

Quality assurance tests and data security

We focus our tests on complete coverage and maximum validity of the results.

Transparent Reporting

Keep track of your project's progress online with CI/CD tools.

Testing using the Business Continuity in Mind

Delegate the work to professionals and focus on your core business processes.

Business-friendly timing

You don't have to wait for us to be online, we synchronize with customer up-time.

Co-operation with the development team

We work in collaboration with developers to ensure maximum performance for the project.

Types Of Automation Testing That Lampa Performs

In our work, we use both classic QA methods and modern – keyword-driven. That's why automation testing services from Lampa are always a relevant approach to solving problems for your project. Working with us, you get full access to the experience and skills of all team members; hence you provide the best support for your digital product.


Test Automation Setup Plan

We study in detail the specifics of a digital product before we start working on it in order to properly prioritize tasks and technical stack. With an automated software testing service from Lampa, you get a comprehensive approach to QA and development organization.


Test Automation Planning

The software automation testing services from Lampa include the development of a roadmap and QA plan. Our automation engineers will select the best frameworks and tools for the chosen technical stack, write cases and organize the distribution of tasks within the team.


Test Environment Setup

For proper QA, we need to set up a test automation framework, create scripts, and deploy a test environment. The experts of our team will implement all this before the start of direct development and concentrate on solving problems and upgrading working solutions simultaneously.


Performance testing

Our manual software testing service will help you avoid software performance problems. We will run a comprehensive test and find code bugs that reduce performance.


Test Data Preparation

We use advanced tools such as Selenium or Appium, which not only allow us to provide automation software testing services but also to parallelize them on different platforms. These processes require preparation, e.g., writing cases, manual checks, and entering data (values, variables).


Automated Testing

When launching Selenium or other testing frameworks, we expect to see an effective pass rate and detected problems. As bugs are found, we compile reports that we pass on to developers for fixing, after which we re-test the digital product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find the information you are interested in, please contact our manager for help. They will tell you more about Lampa's work's nuances and peculiarities.

How much do automated software testing services cost?

It is considered that the cost of a testing project equals 15-25% of the total price of developing a digital solution. Usually, such factors are considered: the work's complexity and scale, the team's size, and the deadline.

Automated or Manual testing – which one is better?

Automation solves the issues of routine QA by speeding it up and increasing efficiency through higher test density and frequency. Manual testing is needed to monitor results and for some one-time tasks.

When to sign an NDA?

Before you start work. We understand how important the privacy and security of the information you give us are. That's why we avoid leaks by making early NDAs and maintaining employee discipline.

How soon can you start?

The work process is considered running when we conclude a contract with a client. We try to integrate into the project quickly without causing inconvenience to the organizers and developers of the digital solution.

What testing cannot be automated?

Typically, these are subjective validation, new functionality, development strategy, user experience, comprehensive functionality, quality control, settings, and test settings.

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