Enterprise App
Development Services

Optimize your business process with new-format software! Lampa's experienced enterprise development team will implement a modern mobile app using the latest technologies and achievements of the IT industry.

Our Enterprise Application
Development Services

Lampa company is your reliable app development partner for the business. We create quality digital web and enterprise mobility solutions to improve your internal and external corporate processes. We apply best practices and methodologies, ensuring continuity and efficiency regardless of the business industry.


Custom Enterprise Software Development

We provide services for development projects of any scale and complexity. We implement leading technologies and the latest trends in the enterprise industry. We transform your ideas into complete digital products for business. Give us your vision of the system for business, and we will turn it into a full-featured app for the company and its customers.


New Enterprise App Development

App development company Lampa implements for you innovative digital products that increase business efficiency and improve all its processes. We implement an experienced enterprise application, which will cover all relevant tasks and bring the quality of work to a perfect level. Delegate your idea to us, and we will turn it into a modern and presentable digital product.


Mobility Strategy & Consulting

We'll develop an advanced mobile application for your business, providing enterprise mobility and productivity of internal and external processes of the company. Using advanced development methodologies, we will implement the most effective digital solution, improving the organization's overall performance. We will conduct a complete consultation and planning for the best development results.


Digital Transformation Services

Lampa will conduct a full cycle of the app development process for you to transform ready-made solutions for business into a new format. We will connect marketing, analytical and automated algorithms that will improve your experience and efficiency. We will implement new technologies, scale a digital product and provide cutting-edge enterprise software solutions for your business.


Enterprise App Bug-Fixing & Security

We'll fix any bugs in your corporate working environment. Conduct a thorough analysis of code, frameworks, and databases, catching all bugs. Clean up the app code, removing unnecessary and unproductive lines, increasing system performance. We'll check and fix vulnerabilities, security, authorization, and connection problems.


Data Management

Lampa will perform a complete transformation of internal corporate data for your organization. We use advanced data formats to implement a seamless, secure exchange of valuable information between the firm's departments and its partners. We standardize file types for better interoperability with in-house and new web and mobile applications.


Software Based Automation

Increase the efficiency of your business through app integration and automation of all processes. Our enterprise app development service includes implementing algorithms to increase productivity based on algorithms and scripts to automatically reproduce routine tasks. With these innovative capabilities, you can easily accelerate your employees' work and improve all of your organization's economic indicators.


Enterprise App Upgrade

Lampa will conduct a full range of operations to modernize legacy app solutions. We'll analyze the current business goals and project them into a new, scalable, and flexible tech stack. We'll implement a fully cross-platform digital product with support for current technologies, services, and modern algorithms that increase the organization's productivity.


Enterprise App Maintenance

We provide full-scale development support and ready-to-use digital solutions. We allocate our team of enterprise experts for the project, who will solve all IT product problems. We also systematically upgrade the tech stack, perform application scaling operations and implement security protocol updates.

How Enterprise App Development
Can Help Your Business

Your business is a collection of complex workflows that require routine operations to be performed systematically. Developing enterprise software allows you to automate almost all key tasks and reduce resource costs by redirecting them to more critical areas. Business apps can help your company:


Make more efficient use of work resources


Monetize the digital product;


Develop business through analytics and marketing


Automate routine processes


Transform the platform to a new tech stack


Improve overall work productivity


Implement new algorithms and customer interaction practices


Provide advanced UX to consumers


Increase company revenue by improving all processes


Create new workflow combinations

Why Choosing Our Services For Enterprise App Development Is a Good Idea?

Enterprise application development integration company Lampa is your reliable partner in implementing ambitious plans for digital business transformation. We offer our assistance in solving issues of any complexity without compromising the release time and quality of the digital solution.


Agile approach

Agile approach

We implement flexible and adaptive algorithms to work on your projects. We ensure maximum development productivity without stretching deadlines.


Dedicated project managere

Dedicated project managere

We delegate our experts to work on your digital products. They stay with you until the end of development or even throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT solution


100% client satisfaction

100% client satisfaction

We always have pleased customers. We provide 100% satisfaction with our IT products through a professional approach to their development, considering all the customer's wishes


15% employee turnover rate

15% employee turnover rate

Our company has a minimal outflow of qualified personnel. That's why most development participants have impressive experience in projects and team work, which positively affects the quality of the product


Thinking of the end user

Thinking of the end user

We strive to be closer to users when making enterprise app development solutions. That's why we use resources and technologies as efficiently as possible, providing a top-notch UX


Dedicated team

Dedicated team

A full team of experts is always working on your projects: project manager, designers, developers, analysts, and QA specialists, providing comprehensive solutions to problems


95% of the company – Senior and Middle engineers

95% of the company –
Senior and Middle engineers

Experienced personnel consisting of Middle and Senior levels always work on your project. The work is done with the highest quality and just in time.

Our App Development Services Case

We have successfully closed more than 100 projects for clients all over the world. Would you like to see our skills? See examples of completed projects with technical and conceptual ideas, techniques, and methods.

How We Can Cooperate

We are a forward-looking company that appreciates the wishes of its customers. For this reason, we offer you various cooperation models, among which you are sure to find the best solution. You can count on the highest quality of work and full immersion of our specialists in your corporate digital product development project.

Dedicated team

We provide a full team of experts of all specializations: project managers, designers, back-end and front-end developers, UI/UX architects, and QA masters. Such a team will ensure your project is comprehensive and solves all relevant tasks on time with the highest level of quality.


We provide dedicated specialists to support your project needs. With our services, you get access to subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge of specific tools, development languages, and frameworks. You get dedicated performers with hard-to-find skills by engaging them to augment your existing team.


We take your project for independent development and further scaling. We allocate relevant experts engaged exclusively in your digital product. We provide a full range of services: market and business analysis, consulting, planning and design, development, testing, support, and scaling.

Fixed bid

We help you save your budget by focusing on the implementation of key features and elements. We concentrate on meeting your available budget by releasing an MVP based on a flexible and scalable platform. This gives you a total return on investment and the ability to develop your IT solution in stages.

What Industries We Develop Enterprise Applications For

There are no barriers for us in terms of business areas. We implement corporate digital products equally well for all niches or industries. We prefer the more popular ones but work with almost everything. Even if your sphere is not on the list, contact our manager, and we will discuss the project individually.


Want to launch a cool OTT platform? We'll create an app for you that allows your users to manage content anywhere, anytime.


To occupy a promising PetTech niche, you need quality software. Our digital solutions for pet owners will help promote your products and services.


Is your company taking its first steps in business? We're ready to support you in this! We'll release the MVP and tweak the product as soon as possible before its full-fledged release.


Your financial business has never been more secure! We offer convenient software for conducting transactions, storing funds, and investing without going to the bank.


Here is a software program that you can use to track your health and control your habits.


Working out without going to the gym? Easy! With digital products from Lampa, you can create a workout schedule, exercise online, and track your results.

Social network

Manage content, create publications, track user interactions – this and much more are available with Social Networks from Lampa Software.

Cashback service

Our Cashback Software allows you to build a loyalty program that retains existing customers and attracts new admirers to your brand.


We create for you the best photo editors, video processing and editing software, and other tools with functionality that is 100% relevant to your needs.


Manage your healthcare business with our CRM, ERP, and other clinic systems and specific software: EHR, EMR, etc.


Reliable software is indispensable for all online store owners. It allows you to manage inventory, process payments, fulfill orders and keep finances.


IT solutions for ticket and tour sales, transfer organization or hotel maintenance – we have everything you need to expand your customer network and increase your profits.


We can help you start your own business on the web! Transaction processing, user and database management, API integration – far from everything we can offer you.

How To Start Working With Us?

We strive to reduce as much bureaucracy as possible when arranging cooperation. Thus, the time needed to start working on your project is reduced to a week. At the same time, your participation in the development is minimized so as not to distract from the critical business processes. It only takes five simple and extremely fast steps to get your project up and running:


Contact our manager and describe your idea


Sign an NDA to protect all parties from information leaks


Choose the cooperation model and its term, budget, and values


Select the team, focusing on the tech stack and skills


Sign the collaboration agreement and launch the development

This is where the preparatory part ends, and the actual work on the project begins. During this process, you will receive regular progress reports, and if necessary, you can connect directly to our tools and make adjustments or just observe.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you are interested in the details of our work and cooperation. That's why our experts have prepared comprehensive answers to the most basic questions. If you don't find here what you need, ask a manager for help.


What are the common types of Enterprise apps?

  • Human Resource Management Systems
  • Payroll Management Systems
  • Customer Support and Customer Relationship
    Management (CRM)
  • Email Systems
  • Marketing and Sales Management Systems
  • Incident Management Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Project and Portfolio management
  • Supply-chain-management Software (SCMS)
  • Office Suites

What are the latest trends in enterprise application development?

connecting and exploiting AI, total RPA, emphasis on UI/UX. We incorporate all the best practices and market trends into our developments to give you the perfect working tool.


How much does it cost to develop an enterprise app?

complexity and scale, implementation time, team size, and company budget. The median price ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 for a medium-sized organization.


Who owns the code and design of our enterprise app?

It depends on the type of cooperation. For example, if the SaaS platform is used, the rights to the code and apps remain with the service provider. If the development is done from scratch, the owner of the system elements is the customer of the project.


Do you also provide app maintenance and support services?

Of course, we provide a full range of services, including support, testing, and scaling, both regularly and on request. In addition, we maintain third-party systems.


What about Data security and integrity of Enterprise Apps?

Your apps will be securely protected with advanced digital security techniques and practices. These include multi-factor authentication, tiering and access rights, and blockchain technology.

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