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If you work in the transportation and logistics segment, you need to automate your company's processes to maintain competitive advantages and meet key customer needs. The modern logistics and transportation industry relies on digital infrastructure, enabling businesses to scale effectively and increase their potential in the endless race for market leadership. If you want to take your company to the next level and provide it with tools for operations planning, process automation, and resource cost optimization, entrust the creation of a specialized management system to the responsible development team at Lampa.dev. We will provide you with a full cycle of logistics software development services and ensure that your digital product covers 100% of business needs and contributes to its rapid development by improving operational capabilities. With IT solutions from industry masters, you will outperform competitors and scale your brand, providing only high-quality and efficient services to your clients, regardless of their business profile.

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Custom Logistics Software Development Services

Lampa.dev comprises logistics industry experts specializing in application development, creating convenient and efficient digital systems to optimize company workflows. Our team's clients receive only high-quality solutions that significantly improve their operational capabilities. We implement custom software for transportation and chain management, enterprise resource planning, order processing automation, documentation, and a range of other systems that improve logistics providers' productivity many times over. Here are a few examples of transportation management software that a talented developer from our logistics software development company can create for you.

  • Management software

    Business management platforms, their components, and a range of processes related to operational, logistics, and other company needs.

  • Supply chain management

    Specialized logistics solutions, infrastructure for managing relationships, demand forecasting, process planning, and decision-making time optimization.

  • Navigation systems

    Specialized systems for monitoring the geolocation of transport, drivers, and cargoes, as well as for planning optimal routes, rest breaks, and refueling.

  • EDMS

    Automation of document management in the company, simplifying and optimizing operations related to paperwork, licenses, insurance, contracts.

Comprehensive Logistic Software Solutions

Comprehensive Logistic Software Solutions

We offer custom logistics software development encompassing a wide range of digital solutions that fully meet your business needs.

  • Create a complete range of systems, from warehouse management platforms to comprehensive operational infrastructure covering all aspects of company operations. In addition to traditional RPA, we also integrate the latest tools based on artificial intelligence and blockchain.

  • Ensure full compatibility of newly created systems with previous data formats, adapt third-party solutions and modules, and add enhanced functionality as needed.

  • In the end, you receive not just an ordinary logistics platform but a highly modular digital product that allows you to improve all internal business processes, scale more efficiently, and reinvest freed resources into other areas of your brand's activities.

  • This will improve your employees' performance and relationships with customers and partners and enable the implementation of a powerful infrastructure that automatically handles up to 90% of routine tasks, such as accounting, order processing, and task delegation to subcontractors.

Custom Software Development for Logistics

A personalized system for the logistics business is an opportunity for a company to scale its own potential. For example, automate operational processes and inventory management in warehouses, speed up information exchange between all participants in the logistics chain. Your data is controlled from a single dashboard connected to secure server storage and database containing all key records, such as:

  • Name

  • Weight

  • Volumetric weight

  • Physical dimensions of the product

  • Quantity

  • Location (not only warehouse, but also sector, shelf, etc.)

The same goes for the rest of the systems you use to minimize routine in your daily operations.

Transforming Operations with Transport and Logistics Software Solutions

Automating processes with specialized platforms and digital products will take your company's task organization to a new level. Imagine that all standard operations are performed according to schedule without the intervention of operators and managers, and you have the opportunity to reduce personnel costs and speed up the execution of a significant portion of tasks. With our logistics and transportation software development, your business will have significant potential and a range of competitive advantages. You will significantly increase the capacity of your transportation hubs, increase staff productivity, and handle and process many more orders than your competitors.

Real-Time Tracking and Analytics Integration

To make well-informed decisions and track progress, you need specialized systems that provide maximum useful information about the state of your business, current operations, market trends, demand, partner opportunities, and so on. We specialize in transportation software development for such components of the logistic digital infrastructure. With specialized tracking and analytics systems from Lampa.dev, you gain maximum competitive advantages. You can make data-driven decisions based on the information collected by relevant platforms; you can scale more accurately and quickly, react more promptly to market changes, and adapt your business strategy more effectively.

Scalable and Secure Logistics Platforms

As your logistics brand grows, so does the need to scale the digital infrastructure, which at some point simply won't be enough to store and process extremely large volumes of information. Moreover, you also need to protect sensitive and corporate information properly so that competitors cannot gain an advantage from its use. The list of logistic software development services from Lampa.dev includes solutions that will enable you to grow your business in a timely manner. Use our expertise to utilize modern technologies with significant scaling potential.

Why Partner with Lampa.dev for Your Logistics Software Needs

Why Partner with Lampa.dev for Your Logistics Software Needs

The Lampa.dev team consists of talented developers, IT architects, designers, BAs, PMs, and testers who focus exclusively on achieving the client's business goals and do not compromise. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have implemented nearly 100 full-scale projects for all leading segments today.

  • We are the first to implement innovations such as AI and blockchain, providing our clients with a quality user experience and advanced capabilities unavailable to other market players.

  • We don't just develop and forget; we support IT solutions throughout their lifecycle, timely updating the product, scaling it as needed, as well as fixing bugs and working with client feedback on the technical and visual aspects of the system.

  • Thus, we are 100% committed to ensuring that your project becomes commercially successful and quickly becomes an effective tool for scaling and increasing your business's profitability.

Expertise in Logistics Software Development

We have experience in creating digital platforms and systems for the logistics industry that enhance companies' operational capabilities, enable the collection of critical information, and facilitate process planning.

  • WMS

    Warehouse Management System – a platform for warehouse owners and their partners that optimizes the processes of receiving, storing, and issuing products.

  • FMS

    Fleet Management System – a platform for managing a company's vehicle fleet, resource utilization planning for order fulfillment, and navigation.

  • PMS

    Parking Management System – a platform for managing parking areas of logistics providers and their partners, vehicle placement, and security.

  • EDMS

    Electronic Documents Management System – a platform for automating and optimizing internal and external document workflows.

  • OMS

    Order Management System – a platform for automating the processing of inbound and outbound transportation or storage orders.

  • SCMS

    Supply Chain Management System – a platform for streamlining all logistics processes in a company, as well as automated calculation, planning, and delegation of tasks to subcontractors.

  • RMS

    Rental Management System – platforms for working with leased or owned real estate, vehicle fleets, parking areas, etc.


    Enterprise Resource Planning/Customer Relationship Management Systems – specialized platforms for organizing continuous company operations and interaction with customers.

Our Approach to Delivering Logistics Software Excellence

Our Approach to Delivering Logistics Software Excellence

Lampa.dev uses its own approach and concept to create quality digital systems for the logistics segment. We work on products comprehensively, providing them with perfection.

  • Segment research

    Determine what the business needs at the moment and analyze the market, competitors' systems, and customer and logistics company staff needs.

  • Project structuring

    Create the platform architecture based on the information collected and outline its logic, functionality, interaction and navigation principles, and interactivity.

  • Prototyping

    Create basic templates that we transfer to a specialized environment, provide each screen with interactivity, and link them into a system that we demonstrate to the client.

  • Design

    Based on the approved layout, we develop the design, guided by the business's brand style, needs, and stakeholders' preferences

  • App development

    Use advanced frameworks to create a digital product that is easily maintainable, scalable, and performs well.

  • Testing

    Test IT solutions for logical and functional issues, design bugs, interactive elements, and compliance with client and user requirements.

  • Launch

    Set up the operational server environment, build infrastructure, and transfer the digital product with data to the updated and secure platform.

  • Support

    Provide comprehensive support, including staff training, bug fixes, resource updates, scaling, and technical modernization.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Logistics Operations?

Ready to Revolutionize Your Logistics Operations?

Do you have a concept for your new digital logistics infrastructure? Delegate its implementation to the experts at Lampa.dev. We will develop an efficient tool that will meet your business needs and take it to the next level. With a digital product from Lampa.dev, you will optimize your external and internal processes, improve staff productivity, effectively manage risks, collect analytical information, and forecast demand. Use our experience to provide your logistics business with powerful platforms for organizing, automating, and optimizing infrastructure operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is logistics software development?

It is the process of creating a highly efficient digital solution capable of optimizing a logistics provider's external and internal processes. This tool helps you better plan the company's activities, streamline and automate operations, and reduce costs by identifying and implementing new and quality work practices in the segment.

How do I choose a logistics software?

You need to determine what exactly your business lacks right now, as well as its prospects. For example, if you see delays due to lengthy order processing in warehouses, it's time to implement WMS, or if a lot of resources are spent on documentation, then EDMS. Similarly, FMS, SCMS, OMS, and other specialized platforms will help your business more efficiently accomplish tasks.

How do you create logistics software?

We use our years of experience, global best practices, and the best modern frameworks and toolkits. We apply a comprehensive approach to provide you with a quality digital product that meets your business needs and market realities. We focus on ensuring that your brand's integration of new software is easy and quick.

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