App Development For Startup

Turn your core business startup idea into a minimum viable product quickly! Present your target audience with a web and mobile application with startup development services from Lampa! We will bring your business to the market on time by developing Android and iOS applications!

Types of Startup Application We Create

Lampa's software development services for startups cover all business areas and digital solutions. We create basic MVPs for a company to quickly enter the target market and complex systems based on stable and adaptive frameworks. Whatever the entrepreneur's ambitions and budget, we will develop a digital product considering all the nuances.

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What Is a Custom Startup Software?

All mobile solutions or web development implemented on an individual order can be considered custom. However, they are distinguished by another nuance, namely the uniqueness of the idea. The vision of the final product, its key value for the audience, technologies, and functions distinguish custom IT projects from template ones. The individuality of a digital solution also ensures its competitiveness in the target market.

Our startup web app development agency offers services in creating personalized IT products to meet the main business idea and author's concepts. We implement:

  • 01
    Original or SaaS-based solutions
  • 02
    Cloud and local applications
  • 03
    Cross-platform and native applications
  • 04
    High-tech and hybrid digital products
  • 05
    Multifunctional programs and basic SPA/PWA applications

Why Choosing Our Services
For Startup App Development Is a Good Idea?

Mobile app developers at Lampa offer customers the highest quality digital products at competitive prices and terms. We innovate by integrating the latest technologies and capabilities into IT solutions for all business segments. We appreciate the customer focus of products, so we maximize the UX level of our own developments, satisfying all the wishes of the potential audience at the earliest releases.


Thinking of the end user

We develop digital products "as for ourselves," taking care of the convenience of using apps, their performance, and their stability.


Dedicated project manager

The dedicated team allocated to work on your project also includes a manager who will lead the entire process from the planning stage to the moment of its release.


100% client satisfaction

No client has left a negative review after receiving our development services. That's because we do our job well, implementing modern IT solutions with maximum UX on time.


15% employee turnover rate

Lampa is a startup web app development company, so we constantly work on new projects. This motivates our employees to stay in the company and continuously improve their skills.


Agile approach

Highly skilled experts of the company perform all the work flawlessly and on time. Even if you need to make adjustments during the development, you can be sure that we will adapt immediately.


Dedicated team

Each project is allocated to experts who are responsible for it alone. Your digital product will be given maximum attention and sufficient resources for a timely, high-quality release.


95% of the company – Senior and Middle engineers

Only leading certified specialists are engaged in mobile app development at Lampa. This allows us to make your app as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Software Development Services For Startup

The viability of startup solutions depends entirely on successful app development and the idea's value for potential customers. With software startup development services from Lampa, you will get a comprehensive approach to building a high-quality and marketable digital product. We will provide you with a full cycle of services and go with you from concept evaluation to post-release support.

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Industry Solutions We Also Worked On

We offer startup web application development services for various industries and business niches. Regardless of the format, scale, or type of company, we will create a digital product that meets all your requirements.

How To Start Working With Us?

We try to minimize bureaucracy when drawing up a cooperation agreement. Therefore, you must complete 5 basic steps, after which we can start working on your project. By the way, you will be able to control the entire development personally or appoint a responsible person to create and transmit reports on the current state of the digital product.


Describe the idea of the project to our manager


Sign an NDA agreement and detail the idea to the experts


Set the maximum budget and choose a cooperation model


Choose a tech stack and the required number of specialists to work with


Sign a contract and start developing the project

How We Can Cooperate

We value each client, so we offer several cooperation models. They allow you to strike the perfect balance between speed and quality, meet the needs of the technical process, and save your budget. There are 5 types of cooperation available.

Dedicated team

We provide a Full Stack team that will be fully involved in your project. It includes all the professions necessary for this process: a manager, back-end and front-end developers, designers, visualizers, software architects (engineers), testers, and UI/UX experts. This type of team will quickly and efficiently develop a digital solution for you and provide full technical support.


Even if you already have a staff of developers, it's possible that their skills or experience are not enough. We offer the services of our own experts who quickly and seamlessly integrate into your team and effectively compensate for the lack of talent. This will help reduce staffing costs and improve the quality of the digital product at release.


We accept your project for in-house development. This is a good practice, especially popular among startup owners with limited budgets who can't afford to keep their own staff. The advantages of this cooperation method are obvious. This comprehensive service includes analytics, design, structuring, development, design and graphics creation, testing, etc.

Fixed bid

This is a typical type of cooperation for startups with a limited budget. All you need to do is describe your idea and desired functionality to us and indicate the amount you can invest in the project development. We will assess the scope of work, create a plan, and highlight the key features the startup's budget will cover. We will start building a digital solution if you are satisfied with everything.

Time & Materials

A flexible and progressive cooperation method. You describe your idea to us and highlight the critical functionality. We agree on the tech stack, deadlines, and maximum scale and get to work. The project has no budget limits, and its cost is calculated based on time spent, resources involved, licensed technologies, tools, etc. The amount is announced upon delivery.

FAQ About Startup Application Development

Knowing your interest in details, we have prepared a selection of answers to our clients' most frequently asked questions. Please contact our manager for more detailed advice if the information is insufficient.

1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Startup App?

Usually, there is no basic price list, and the total cost is calculated individually, considering some factors: the tech stack, project scale, required functionality, deadline, and the number of specialists involved.

2. Who Owns The Code And Design of Our Startup Software?

It depends on the terms of the cooperation agreement. As a rule, startup owners fully purchase the ownership of a digital product, including intellectual property, code, licenses, documentation, etc.

3. What About Maintenance And Support Services?

It depends on the terms of the contract and the duration of the cooperation. The basic practice is the ongoing maintenance of your digital product, which is charged individually after the development.

4. Can You Include Some of My Ideas In My Startup Application?

Moreover, we develop a digital product entirely based on your concepts, ideas, templates, descriptions, etc. If we add any of our solutions, it is only after justifying their importance or benefits for the future IT solution.

5. How Can I Monetize My Startup Software?

Using almost any of the available methods. By adding advertising to the digital solution, introducing premium access to content or software, distributing the app in specialized stores, providing paid services, etc.

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