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Lampa has been productively developing android apps, internet platforms, Smart TV applications, as well as other businesses in the IT industry.  Lampa has aided several clients in bringing high-quality software solutions to the marketplace.

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Lampa’s QA and Software Testing Services:


Manual testing

An automated technology is not used during the hand checking process, which involves explicitly running test scenarios, According to the client expectations. Lampa inspector personally completed and devops all test scenarios according to the given deadline. It confirms not when the application as specified in the requirements specification.


Automation testing

Programs as well as other computer goods are tested automatically to make sure they abide by tight guidelines. In reality, it's a test to ensure that the hardware or software performs same as intended. It checks for bugs, errors, or other problems that might occur during the making of the software


Web application testing

In this checking, Lampa checks if a web application's functionality functions as planned or in line with the specifications.


Mobile application testing

In this checking, Application software is verified for accuracy, readability, and performance before it is created for smart phones. It can be manual or automated.

Types of testing that Lampa performs:


Functional testing

Lampa functional is created to ensure that their application runs smoothly and rapidly. Despite their objective, they will work to make it a reality.


Compatibility testing

Lampa QA experts will examine how well their application works with various browsers, databases, screen monitors, and smartphones.


Localization testing

It determines whether a website or app is fully functioning and usable in a specific location.


Performance testing

In this checking Lampa assesses how well an application's speed, extensibility, reactivity, and reliability stand up to scrutiny under a specific burden.


Usability testing

Lampa considers their users and whether they will utilize their application, through their research pinpoints probable mistakes, and efficiency flaws.


Accessibility testing

The process of ensuring that several users using their web and mobile applications independently. It enables accessibility for persons with disabilities for apps.


Regression testing

Lampa ensure that a modification or update hasn't ruined any performance in already-existing software programs.


Exploratory testing

Sequential understanding, test design, and implementation are common descriptions of this testing by the management system.


Penetration testing

Lampa ensures a computer system is subjected to a legitimate simulated attack in order to gauge its security.

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Want to get Software Quality Assurance that will ensure superior quality of your software?

Our benefits:

Dedicated Team

Their clients come from a variety of professions, so their teammates have familiarity with a range of digital stacks. No matter the issue, they can effectively resolve it

Great experience

Any development can be scaled by Lampa staff of skilled engineers and having great experience. Their QA products help you cut costs, save time, and reduce stress.

Trusted by brands

Share of the market increases by assuring lampa. One’s business gains a firmer, better commanding market position due to high-quality software of Lampa.

Within budget delivery

As we know errors are costly to handle and with this money can be saved. Lampa launches a defective program; they must instantaneously follow it up with updates, changes, and occasionally even full replacements.

Fully dedicated support

They think that dependability and confidence are the foundations of effective business dealings. Lampa offers adequate, open costing at each level of their project as a result.

Management tools

Lampa use management tools like Jira and Slack to assure their quality work.

Holistic approach

Lampa provides holistic approach for software testing with the professional staff and team mates having best tools and tricks.

Robust process

In completion of software trialing, robust process is perform in which software is not breakable easily and not accessible easily.

Our QA&testing process:

  • Step 1


  • Step 2

    Test design

  • Step 3


  • Step 4

    Test environment

  • Step 5

    Test execution

  • Step 6



We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
QA analyzes the given requirements and investigates the customer’s needs.

Test design

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
After analysis software team of Lampa test the plan of software. After planning phase they ensure that the plan is according to customer’s methodology.


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
Execution of the software is done by Lampa. Test cases development and execution test is done by software developers according to need of providers.

Test environment

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
A QA automation test engineer ensures the test setup, quality standard and written of the automation tests scripts

Test execution

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
In this process test execution and coding is done by emerging technologies by the team members and performs client’s expectations according to their need.


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
Debugging is a process in which errors and defects are removed .In this phase Lampa ensures the defect tracking and removal of all errors.

Solutions for industries we have expertise in:


Having the capacity to apply issue methodologies to build business, the corporate world of today seeks out Lampa Software quality assurance.


Lampa is not just a supplier. A devoted team of developers is prepared to work with customer in partnership to put into practice the innovative products that streamline industry processes.


A pet healthcare offers access to vets and hospital services for pets online using mobile app. lampa offer petTech also in industrial level.


Startup idea is this in which young and small growing companies put their ideas of business into market as software products.


Fintechs are increasingly gaining ground in areas where competitors have struggled. They take customer goods and discover new efficiency by utilizing evolving technology.


In house business like makeup artist and vlogger etc are using their mobile apps to promote their lifestyle flawlessly.


Lampa offers fitness apps that help customer to increase health and wellness. They provide complete dieting solution

Social network

Connectivity is the need of time people want to connect with family and friends in whom they call, message and video call each other.

Cashback service

Money transfer process is also done online by using different tools.


Programming tools are the developed program to maintain and create software for outsourcing clients.


Lampa brings digital platform to the patients for checkup and Lampa clients use their software solutions to enhance all element of the patient satisfaction.


Tourism online is also available which enhance guest experience and decrease cost of travel distribution.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a method that is becoming common for purchasing internet software without making a sizable equipment or IT service commitment.

Tools and technologies we use:


A developer can design, test, and troubleshoot software using developer tools, sometimes known as 'development tools' or simply 'DevTools.'


It is HTTP interceptor which is used for debugging of software. It is open sourced debugging library.


An API framework for creating and utilizing APIs is called Postman. Each stage of the API lifetime is made simpler using Postman, which also makes cooperation and interactions easier.


A source code set of guidelines, requirements, and resources called Swagger is used to create and describe APIs. Developers can write accessible, machine- and human-readable API docs using the Swagger technology.


An HTTP debugging proxy server application written in Java is called Charles Web Debugging Proxy. The user can see HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2[3], and allowed TCP port data that is viewed from the local computer.


Figma is a cutting-edge design tool that simplifies and streamlines the programmer offloading procedure functionally with high quality.

QA services we offer

A wide range of web and mobile app development solutions and technologies for projects of any complexity

KPIs we use to access the process of testing and team performance:


Checking result and logs against specified coverage criteria

Lampa performs KPIs suite which includes proportion of test cases that fulfill each program specification.


Standard and total no of making test cases

Maximum and overall numbers of test cases produced. Test cases that have been upgraded on aggregate and overall are created. It also includes test case plan and regression test.


Assessing the level of component or system quality based on test results

Lampa ensures Maximum and overall numbers of problems found. Effort discrepancy (the ratio between actual and estimated trialing efforts)and  Percentage of bugs discovered through user acceptance checking.


Determining if more test are needed

In this phase it checked by Lampa specialists as there is more need of trialing software or not.


Average and total no of found defects

Debugging process is done in this process in which bugs and defects are removed.


Effort variance

Lampa ensures and standardized the effort required for the planned work and comprised it with the given and actual work.


Percentage of issues reported by software

In user acceptance checking if reported different errors of defects Lampa ensures its clearness and make exhaustive enquiries.

Our fundamentals for success in testing cooperation:

Quality assurance tests and data security

Lampa provides high quality checking of software’s and also data integrity and data security. Quality assurance test performed under experienced and well maintained team and also work on security of data.

Co operation with the development team

Software tester team has a great co operation and interaction with the developers of the software and whole development team as well.

Testing using the business continuity

It is performed under great experience and having knowledge of need of every customer’s requirement. Lampa team ensures the continuity of business in their work as well.

Business friendly timing

In a software developing company employees should be business friendly and know about business goals so Lampa offer business friendly timing as they can handle any type of business operations and deliver it in given time by customer.

Transparent reporting

By examining test cases and test execution frequency, for example, transparency allows for the observation of the checking phase and, as a result, its development. Lampa provides high transparency softwares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are commonly asked by the clients for their required work that is necessary to be answered. Frequently asked questions for the software quality assurance services and software testing process are described below.

What is Lampa?

Lampa has aided several clients in bringing high-quality software solutions to the marketplace. 'Lampa' was propelled toward the TOP-100 of the creators in Ukraine by its professionalism and effectiveness in developing IT solutions. More than just 'Appears to look excellent' and 'Works fantastically' define a profitable product. The value of a company and the demands of consumers are the foundation of a successful product. Lampa is aware of these two factors and makes use of this information to safeguard client's goods from defects and problems. This makes it possible to provide a good that is both reliable and entertaining.

Why choose Lampa?

Lampa provides different quality assurance services for their customer’s satisfaction. We are agile, well-maintained, and progressive in our work. The company’s culture, the excellent employees who worry about the finished product, and the strong relationships we develop with each client are all really reflected in the items they produce for their clients. They take their software quality assurance service very seriously because of this. Lampa provides unbiased software quality assurance products for 3rd party products and solutions. Business stakeholders can relax knowing that every part of any project has been covered by expert quality assurance testing, from functionality to security. Users may unwind, relax, and concentrate on their company's needs when Lampa is hired as their provider of software checking services while they provide the software.

What is difference between testing a mobile app and a web app

Web application test guarantees that websites are fully functioning on all platforms and technology stacks. Mobile app checking, in comparison, seeks to identify compatibility problems in a native or hybrid Smartphone app along a number of Android and IOS devices.

Why is testing necessary?

It is necessary to supply clients with services such as the development of high-quality products as well as programming applications that necessitate less management, as a consequence, produce outcomes that are better precise, dependable, as well as predictable.

Which is better to choose manual or automated testing?

Both automated and manual is better in their ways. Whenever your test project proposal has precise, attainable functionality objectives, automated trialing offers higher validation testability. Validation is better covered by manual checking in all its usual, illogical end-user brilliance.

Typical objectives of testing

The typical objectives may include:

  • To assess outputs like criteria, scripts, designs, as well as code.
  • To ensure that all necessary conditions are met
  • To increase trust inside the test entity's degree of quality.
  • To stop faults.
  • To identify errors as well as flaws.

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