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Lampa's professional app developers create user-friendly solutions for iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop. We use powerful SDK advantages and the framework Flutter to implement your most daring technological ideas in record time.

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Why Choose
Flutter For Your App Development Project?


Faster Development

By creating a native app, developers can see the result of writing code after it has been compiled and downloaded to the device, which takes a lot of time. With Flutter, it’s different. Thanks to hot reload, we can check the effects instantly. In addition, the framework offers a set of widgets for quick gesture processing and animation. All this simplifies the interaction between developers, designers, and QA and increases speed.


Reduced Budget

Flutter is a good option if you need to not only save time but also reduce the app development cost. This is because apps for different platforms are built on a single codebase. You need one technologically connected team that will work at the same pace on all solutions. There is no need to look for two vendors and synchronize their work. It means a two-fold cost reduction!


Native Performance

The performance of a product built on Flutter is similar to native. And in some cases, it is even higher when it comes to complex UI animations. Since the Flutter app is built into machine code, any problems with interpreting processes are eliminated. Currently, the framework is already a worthy competitor to native technologies in terms of performance, e.g., React Native.


Easy Maintenance

Using a single codebase for multiple apps greatly simplifies maintenance and support, including faster response to bugs. The same applies to functionality refinement and update deployment. For example, as part of the Flutter application development service, we can release updates simultaneously for all of your solutions, even if changes to the server infrastructure are required


Better UI/UX Design

The framework has revolutionized mobile design. This is one of the main reasons why we use Flutter in our mobile development services. Our experts create high-quality UIs and provide an intuitive UX, achieving perfection in all aspects: typography, icons, color palette, animations, etc. And you only need one UI design for iOS and Android.


Scalable & Future Ready

The tool makes it easy to scale an app, adding features and increasing the user base without negatively impacting performance. We efficiently manage the integrated features to improve products and increase their performance. This is one of the reasons why many businesses choose Flutter mobile app development services.

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What Clients Say

Marco Jacobs

Marco JacobsCEO & CTO

Feedback summary

The company has landed their first contract with the initial launch, and the app has reached over 1000 downloads and five-star reviews. Lampa Software has proven to be a reliable partner by providing constant updates. They are responsive, attentive, and quick to understand requirements.

March 27
Andriy Pizhevskyy

Andriy PizhevskyyFounder & Owner

Artinov Group
Feedback summary

Lampa Software’s work received positive feedback from the client due to their timely deliveries and updates. Their professional and personable approach resulted in a smooth collaboration. Ultimately, they were dedicated and transparent aside from being technically proficient.

March 27
Alon Zlatkin

Alon ZlatkinCOO & Co-Founder

Feedback summary

Lampa Software has delivered the products on the agreed deadline. They are a diligent team dedicated to achieving business goals and development needs. Communicating with them has been consistently smooth. Their professionalism and passion have been unwavering throughout the relationship.

March 27
Pavel Loba

Pavel LobaCEO

Feedback summary

Lampa was able to successfully deliver a functional MVP of the product for both practitioners and patients. The team was highly communicative, providing regular updates on the progress of the project. The stakeholders were impressed with Lampa's time management and efficiency.

March 27

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