Website and Web Application Testing Services

To get the best web app, it is important to think about a user-friendly design with high quality. Create a secure and reliable web solution with the highly skilled experts at Lampa studio. Our website testing company will provide comprehensive testing of your digital product!


Types Of Testing That Lampa Performs For Web Apps & Websites

Our team of testers harmoniously combines manual and automated testing tools to thoroughly examine your digital solution for errors or defects. Read more about Lampa's web testing services below.


Functionality Testing

We conduct tests for every website and app to verify that they meet your requirements. Functional testing allows you to see how external and internal links, cookies, and connections to other services will work. Test scenarios are written for each product to simulate user actions to test the interface's usability.


Compatibility Testing

We perform manual and automation testing to ensure that your web app or website works correctly in all popular mobile and web browsers, as well as on different devices and operating systems. QA engineers perform localization testing to make the app accessible for any user regardless of their location.


Performance Testing

The team performs stress testing to determine the website's level of resilience to anticipated loads. The results show how high-performance and reliable the development is under extreme conditions of use. We also provide full test coverage and develop automated environments for web application performance testing.


Security Testing

Our testing team provides quality assurance for the correct operation of digital solutions and the security of your users' data. Web applications can be vulnerable to malware, so we perform penetration testing, simulating a hacker attack. We identify weaknesses in the system and make web development more secure for your users.


Usability Testing

We provide web testing services to create a simple and user-friendly interface. Usability testing allows you to improve the UI design and make it as comfortable as possible for your target audience. We involve both specialists and a focus group to get honest testing results from potential users and release a first-class product.


Integration Testing

We test the product's connection to the server on different browsers and devices to get a comprehensive report on its performance. Both virtual environments and physical media are used for compatibility testing. QA engineers perform site, web applications, and software testing so your users can open them anytime without connection failures.

Our cases

Lampa has been providing web testing services for more than 9 years. During this time, we have successfully closed more than a hundred projects. Read our cases to learn how to build a test strategy and cooperation with clients.

Want to get Website and Web Application Testing that will ensure your software is of high quality?

Our Benefits As a Web Application Testing Company

Turning to us, you get the best web application testing services and the opportunity to test your website in collaboration with real professionals.

Dedicated Team

We will assemble a team that is proficient in advanced tools and testing techniques for your project. They will act based on the direction of your business and provide professional testing at every stage of development.

Great experience

We have been on the market for more than 9 years, and during this time, we have released more than 120 successful projects on various topics. So our experience will be the driving force that will lead to your success.

Trusted by brands

During the existence of our studio, we gained such famous partners as 1+1, 4Seasons, LetyShops, Axor, Unian, and Chop-Chop. Many popular brands from around the world keep coming to us and supporting us.

Fully dedicated support

Our team provides website QA testing services at any time of the day or night, regardless of the date on the calendar. We will come to your aid and promptly solve the problem because we understand how important it can be for your business.

Holistic approach

We use various testing processes to ensure the highest quality digital product in our work. We take a comprehensive approach to each project to study and improve it to the last detail.


The studio is fully staffed with experts from different areas, so we do not need outside help. This allows us to form loyal prices for our partners and conduct testing work more efficiently.

Human Centricity

We always focus on our clients' wishes and their TA's needs to create products with the best user experience. This way, your project will be really in demand and popular in the development market.

Attention to Details

Even a minor defect can lead to big problems, so we thoroughly examine every part of the web app or site. All parts available for testing are strictly controlled, and bugs detected are promptly fixed.

Certified QA Engineers

Lampa's team of testers has many certificates and licenses confirming their professionalism. We are constantly learning new things and improving our existing skills in order to offer you only up-to-date testing solutions.

Our Website & Application Testing Process

  • Step 1


  • Step 2

    Test design

  • Step 3

    Test case development

  • Step 4

    Test environment

  • Step 5

    Test execution

  • Step 6

    Defect tracking


We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We use advanced methods of analyzing and evaluating a website or app's technical condition, usability, design, navigation, and business logic. Based on the data obtained, we prepare the basis for future testing, considering the project's tech stack, features, specifications, and purpose. In addition, we document the critical nuances of the digital product for the testing team.

Test design

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
When developing a testing roadmap, we consider the development process, project status, and the workload of the programming team. Build our own testing project based on many years of experience testing websites and web apps. Plan stages and types of testing, create case templates and select a tech stack, tools, and additional special tools for conducting a comprehensive test of an IT solution.

Test case development

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
When preparing for a full-fledged digital product test, we create test scenarios and algorithms and mark the critical stages at which certain results should be obtained. Whenever possible, we automate the process, considering the specifications and concepts of the digital solution obtained at the early stages. Use the latest tools to plan and synchronize the work of all process participants.

Test environment

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We deploy the test environment using local devices and modern cloud products, allowing us to cover the largest possible number of equipment, their characteristics, etc. We integrate tools and pre-created test code, ensuring maximum coverage of the digital product with test scenarios.

Test execution

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We run sequential and parallel testing, combining the speed and quality of test passing in a single perfectly balanced ecosystem. Catch even minor bugs by assigning them a priority index based on the negative impact of the bug on the overall product. Simultaneously, we modernize test scenarios, creating universal flow and regression testing options.

Defect tracking

We develop web applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
We keep track of all errors or bugs we find, their correction progress, and the reoccurrence risks. Manually and automatically test problematic components, localizing bugs and describing them in detail to pass them on to programmers. Keep records of fixed bugs, minor bugs, etc., prepare technical documentation to hand over to the customer, and close the testing project.

Automation Tools & Technologies We Use

Good service is only possible with high-quality tools. That's why our arsenal consists of advanced systems, complexes, and utilities, with the help of which we achieve 100% efficiency of QA processes.


A developer can design, test, and troubleshoot software using developer tools, sometimes known as 'development tools' or simply 'DevTools.'


It is HTTP interceptor which is used for debugging of software. It is open sourced debugging library.


An API framework for creating and utilizing APIs is called Postman. Each stage of the API lifetime is made simpler using Postman, which also makes cooperation and interactions easier.


A source code set of guidelines, requirements, and resources called Swagger is used to create and describe APIs. Developers can write accessible, machine- and human-readable API docs using the Swagger technology.


An HTTP debugging proxy server application written in Java is called Charles Web Debugging Proxy. The user can see HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2[3], and allowed TCP port data that is viewed from the local computer.


Figma is a cutting-edge design tool that simplifies and streamlines the programmer offloading procedure functionally with high quality.

Solutions for Industries We Have Expertise In

Lampa works with most modern businesses, providing their owners with top automated software testing services. With our help, you will rid your digital products of bugs once and for all without sacrificing code quality or time to market for your IT solution.


Lampa Software offers services for developing ERP, CRM, CSM, HRM systems, and other corporate software to automate your business processes.


Want to launch a cool OTT platform? We'll create an app for you that allows your users to manage content anywhere, anytime.


To occupy a promising PetTech niche, you need quality software. Our digital solutions for pet owners will help promote your products and services.


Is your company taking its first steps in business? We're ready to support you in this! We'll release the MVP and tweak the product as soon as possible before its full-fledged release.


Your financial business has never been more secure! We offer convenient software for conducting transactions, storing funds, and investing without going to the bank.


Here is a software program that you can use to track your health and control your habits.


Working out without going to the gym? Easy! With digital products from Lampa, you can create a workout schedule, exercise online, and track your results.

Social network

Manage content, create publications, track user interactions – this and much more are available with Social Networks from Lampa Software.

Cashback service

Our Cashback Software allows you to build a loyalty program that retains existing customers and attracts new admirers to your brand.


We create for you the best photo editors, video processing and editing software, and other tools with functionality that is 100% relevant to your needs.


Manage your healthcare business with our CRM, ERP, and other clinic systems and specific software: EHR, EMR, etc.


Reliable software is indispensable for all online store owners. It allows you to manage inventory, process payments, fulfill orders and keep finances.


IT solutions for ticket and tour sales, transfer organization or hotel maintenance – we have everything you need to expand your customer network and increase your profits.


We can help you start your own business on the web! Transaction processing, user and database management, API integration – far from everything we can offer you.

Our Fundamentals For Success In Web App Testing Cooperation

Our activity is based on test automation and manual checks.

quality fundamentals

Quality assurance tests and data security

Every testing project goes through a well-defined research process to ensure the quality and reliable protection of user data.

Transparent Reporting

We provide comprehensive and understandable reports to create a product that really meets all your requirements.

Testing using the Business Continuity in Mind

Our testing solutions are built so that you get detailed reports without interrupting your main activity.

Business-friendly timing

We are always ready to adjust to your work schedule so that you get the website testing service at the most appropriate time.

Co-operation with the development team

We are quickly involved in the work and are always ready to cooperate with developers, so a quality product can be made promptly.

What Are We Testing?

Our web application testing services company works with all kinds of digital business projects and provides full-cycle testing for every development regardless of its level of complexity. We cover all your testing needs and help you deliver your product on time.


Web Applica Quality Assurance Action Testing

A team of QA engineers works to detect and fix the smallest defects in your web app. We will perform functional testing with proven testing tools to ensure reliability, performance, and usability. We will create test cases for interface testing to improve the user experience of the target audience.


Desktop Application Testing

Each app undergoes integration, end-to-end, functional, and regression testing. We will perform automated and manual testing. Our team pays special attention to compatibility testing and installing the desktop app on different devices to ensure your TA has easy and fast access to the right options.


Website Testing

The team provides website testing services, including the product's functionality, performance, and security testing. We will perform stress testing to determine the level of resilience of the site to heavy traffic loads. QA testing is performed on different operating systems, browsers, and devices to fully test its performance.


Internet of Things Testing

Our team provides verification of components, functions, data gateways, and communication of your IoT devices with other services. We also perform penetration testing to ensure a high level of protection for the information the device collects. As a result, you get a solution that transmits data smoothly over the network without the risk of leakage.


Cloud Solutions Testing

Web application testing company also specializes in professional testing of cloud services. Lampa team tests cloud software before releases. To keep your solutions running smoothly and always meet the needs of the TA, we test for security, availability, and various connectivity options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about web application testing services from Lampa Software by reading the answers to the most frequently asked questions. For more detailed advice, you can contact our manager at any convenient time. We are always in touch.


How much do web application testing services cost?

The price depends on several factors: the complexity and size of the project, the number of QA engineers and testers involved, and deadlines. The cost of manual and automation testing can reach 15-25% of the budget spent on product development.


When to sign an NDA?

Before starting testing work. We value the trust of our partners and make every effort to preserve confidential information that may be presented to us during cooperation.


How quickly can you start?

As soon as the contract is signed. Our experts get to work in less than a week and begin their duties.


What is the life cycle of web app testing?

There are 6 main stages of full-cycle testing: requirements gathering, planning, creating test cases, setting up the testing environment, performing manual and automation testing, and collecting testing results.

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