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The process of software development is very costly for projects that involve an in-house team to implement them. It is better to delegate this task to remote employees who officially work at Lampa. Thanks to our expertise in all leading industries, we can easily complete your project.


Our IT Outstaffing Services

Lampa is a flagship among outstaffing companies in the IT market in Ukraine. The development team with remote employees precisely follows DevOps principles and has a high level of technical skills, complying with your requirements. Working with such experts, you get a fast start working, support at all stages, and the best outstaffing service on the market.


Custom Software Development Services

We will implement the best IT product for you to meet your business needs. We will create a personalized interface with intuitive control logic and a pleasant visual design. With the help of our experts, you will present a digital solution to consumers on time and increase their brand loyalty.


Web App Development Outsourcing

We provide DevOps services through which we implement cross-platform software development. We use advanced adaptive technologies and frameworks to provide your digital product with native performance. We also guarantee high security of IT solutions and support of modern browsers: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Tor, and Microsoft Edge.


Mobile App Development Outsourcing

As part of the outstaffing process, we provide mobile development services. We create native or cross-platform digital solutions for iOS, Android, and its forks, such as OneUI, HarmonyOS, and Miui. We use advanced frameworks like JavaScript, Xamarin, Swift, Kotlin, and Flask. With our help, you will cover 100% of your target audience and fully achieve your business goals.


Smart TV App Development Services

The expertise of our software development team allows us to implement the entire IT outstaffing, including Smart TV apps, at the highest level. We implement support for all popular hardware, such as set-top boxes, TVs, or other hardware solutions on dedicated operating systems. With our help, you'll launch your project on time and increase your customer reach, beating your competitors in time and quality.


Software Quality Assurance Services

In addition to providing IT outstaffing services through the development process, we also provide a complete set of QA measures. With the help of manual and automatic tests, we fully examine the digital solution at all stages of its creation. We achieve the highest possible quality of the code, all modules, and external components and optimize the consumption of resources.


UI and UX Design

We are an outstaffing company Lampa with a holistic approach to solving problems. We have remote employees like developers, software engineers, QA, and designers. We implement a top-notch design during project development, consistent with the company image, user-friendly UI with intuitive control logic, and pleasant visual design.

Our cases

Do you want to see our professionalism and experience? See examples of projects closed by the team, with a total audience of more than 12 million users worldwide.

Want an appealing user interface that provides an outstanding experience?

Our Benefits as an IT Outstaffing Company

Leading outstaffing company Lampa is always a professional approach to solving your problems. Our outstaffing services are designed to provide quality digital product development with an ideal cost, work, and time ratio. Via IT outstaffing, you will get a reduced budget, the ability to hire a team of experts, and reduced time to release a digital solution.


Great experience

We have been working since 2014 on projects of varying complexity for brands around the world.


Complexity service

You can hire a talented team from us, which will comprehensively cover the resource needs for your project.


Fully Dedicated Support

With our outstaffing agency, you get 24/7 support throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT solution.


Holistic Approach

Our development team comprises experts of all key qualifications, performing 100% of the project tasks.



We can help you save on the cost of IT outstaffing services by selecting specialized professionals.


Human centricity

We are your reliable development partner, which is focused on your specific business and its target audience.


Attention to details

Our engagement model is focused on the perfect quality of your IT product.


Certified QA engineers, developers, designers, managers

All the professions and experts relevant in the development are available to you for recruitment.

Lampa's IT Outstaffing Process

  • Step 1

    Reconciliation of requirements

  • Step 2

    Team selection

  • Step 3


  • Step 4


Reconciliation of requirements

We develop applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
Before starting work, we fully study the project TOR and get acquainted with the characteristics of the business and target audience preferences. Based on this information, we form our vision of the work process and final goals, which we must achieve within the specified period. This approach allows us to get into the essence of the task faster, understand its nuances, and prepare for the full implementation of a digital product and its capabilities

Team selection

We develop applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
Once we are familiar with the specifications, requirements, and preferred technical stack, we form a team of performers. To do this, we study each candidate's personal and professional skills, projecting them onto the project conditions. Once the team is formed, we prepare it for integration into the existing staff if we are expanding or giving instructions for working on tasks from scratch.


We develop applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
A meeting with the product owner takes place after the team has been formed. At this meeting, we discuss the details of the work, the terms of cooperation, the payment model, and the deadline for implementation. This allows us to understand the tasks better, discuss technical aspects in advance and agree on the frequency and scale of unscheduled adjustments. Thus we prepare for further cooperation and direct development.


We develop applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
The hiring process is a set of legal measures to prevent all kinds of unpleasant situations. At this time, a contract is signed that specifies: deadlines, specifications, requirements, areas of responsibility, and payment terms. Also, an NDA is signed separately, which insures both parties against accusations of information leakage, and in case of a precedent, imposes liability with a fine on the guilty party.

Benefits of IT Outstaffing Services

While an in-house team requires a large investment in equipment, training, and preparation, outstaffing service starts almost instantly after the contract is signed.

This is due to a number of factors and advantages of outstaffing agencies simultaneously:

    • 01

      large selection of service providers;

    • 02

      expanded geography of recruitment;

    • 03

      no costs for logistics, rent, and equipment;

    • 04

      access to profile skills from outstaffing developers;

    • 05

      quick conclusion of cooperation agreements;

    • 06

      remote control of the project;

    • 07

      full confidentiality of information through NDA;

    • 08

      QA, confirmed by reputation.

Industry Solutions We Worked On

Experience and expertise in IT outstaffing allow our specialists to implement digital solutions of any complexity for all popular industries. Depending on the niche, we form profile teams and organize their work.


Lampa Software offers services for developing ERP, CRM, CSM, HRM systems, and other corporate software to automate your business processes.


Want to launch a cool OTT platform? We'll create an app for you that allows your users to manage content anywhere, anytime.


To occupy a promising PetTech niche, you need quality software. Our digital solutions for pet owners will help promote your products and services.


Is your company taking its first steps in business? We're ready to support you in this! We'll release the MVP and tweak the product as soon as possible before its full-fledged release.


Your financial business has never been more secure! We offer convenient software for conducting transactions, storing funds, and investing without going to the bank.


Here is a software program that you can use to track your health and control your habits.


Working out without going to the gym? Easy! With digital products from Lampa, you can create a workout schedule, exercise online, and track your results.

Social network

Our Cashback Software allows you to build a loyalty program that retains existing customers and attracts new admirers to your brand.

Cashback service

We create for you the best photo editors, video processing and editing software, and other tools with functionality that is 100% relevant to your needs.


We create for you the best photo editors, video processing and editing software, and other tools with functionality that is 100% relevant to your needs.


Manage your healthcare business with our CRM, ERP, and other clinic systems and specific software: EHR, EMR, etc.


Reliable software is indispensable for all online store owners. It allows you to manage inventory, process payments, fulfill orders and keep finances.


IT solutions for ticket and tour sales, transfer organization or hotel maintenance – we have everything you need to expand your customer network and increase your profits.


We can help you start your own business on the web! Transaction processing, user and database management, API integration – far from everything we can offer you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anticipating your questions, we have generated answers to the most common ones. You will find the information and details you are interested in. If there is no answer, write to our manager, and they will tell you everything you need to know.


Can I test Lampa's services before deciding on a long-term partnership?

Yes, you can verify our skills by references or cases. If you don't trust our reputation, we can perform a test task of any complexity for you, in which we will demonstrate our expertise in practice.


Do you offer a refund or money-back guarantee?

Yes, we are obligated to partially or fully compensate for the loss of budget if problems occur on our end. These include failure to meet deadlines, poor software quality, and other similar factors where the project performer is proven to be at fault.


How do you ensure IP (intellectual property) and data protection?

We sign NDAs with all clients, regardless of the work's secrecy, complexity, or scope. In this way, both parties are equally responsible for committing misconduct and disseminating information.


What is Outstaffing?

This is a method of work in which subject matter experts work on your project remotely or in-house. Most of them are software development companies' representatives, sometimes freelancers looking for work in a team or a particular niche.


What is the difference between outsourcing and outstaffing?

Outsourcing implies the full delegation of the project and its management to third parties. In outstaffing, the in-house development team is supplemented by experts from specialized companies with the necessary skills.


Can I hire one developer, or do I need to hire the whole team?

This is up to you. If you need one specialist, for example, an automation QA master – you can hire only them. In the case where several different specialties are required, it makes more sense to hire either only them or a full team.

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