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Do you have your own private clinic, or would you like to create a technological system for your company? Delegate the task of custom healthcare software development to the experts at Lampa.We will create a unique and convenient software package to optimize routine processes.

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Types of Healthcare Software We Create

Lampa offers clients all kinds of custom software development for healthcare. With our expertise in healthcare, we can implement any type of software your organization needs.


Electronic health records (EHRs, EMR)

All healthcare companies need their medical data management system. Such software lets you enter and organize key information about the clinic's clients, staff specialists, and services. If you want to work effectively in the niche, use the potential of the software solution in your company.


Medicine management tools

Our medical software development company will implement a unique digital product. It will give you access to medical practice management, physician training, and the management of work processes within the network of private clinics.


Telemedicine platforms

Healthcare software products by Lampa will allow your facility to provide some services remotely. For example, doctors can remotely consult patients having their medical history, medication contraindications, etc., in front of them.


Medical dictionaries

Healthcare professionals are human beings who tend to forget information. Healthcare mobile products with integrated access to leading online databases of drugs, practices, and diseases help your professionals quickly find the info they need and apply it to patient care.


Nursing suites

Hospital management software allows you to optimize the work of doctors and the clinic's patient care staff. For example, you can manage shift schedules, the accreditation of nurses, and their access to patient data. Taken together, this will contribute to an overall increase in work efficiency.


Pharmacy Management

Lampa's software development team will develop a system for you to keep track of your clinic and local pharmacy supplies. With its help, your staff can quickly find the available medications and provide better patient care, especially in emergencies.

What is a Custom Healthcare Software?

The healthcare industry, like many others, has been positively affected by the trend toward digital transformation. Software packages are now relevant for all medical institutions providing a wide range of specialized services.

    • 01

      Receive requests for treatment

    • 02

      Schedule visits to physicians

    • 03

      Track procedural and operational processes

    • 04

      Collect and process medical records and healthcare data

    • 05

      Issue electronic invoices and accept contactless payments

    • 06

      Manage the staff

    • 07

      Keep accounting records for a clinic or even a network of clinics

    • 08

      Train clinic staff

Why Choose Our Healthcare Development Services?

Lampa excels in healthcare app development, with over 9 years of experience meeting industry standards. Trust us for high-quality, timely custom healthcare technology software development.



Agile approach

Unlike other software development companies, we adapt to your requirements and can transform a digital solution at any implementation stage.


Thinking of the end

Thinking of the end user

Our software developers also use your services. So we know how to improve your medical practice management software or medical billing software, increasing the quality of staff and customer care.



Dedicated team

We choose only the best experts from the staff for healthcare development services, understanding how important the quality of the future digital product is.


15% employee
turnover rate

15% employee turnover rate

Our development team hardly ever changes. You don't have to worry that one of the key specialists will leave the staff during medical software development services without finishing the project.


100% client

100% client satisfaction

Our services for the healthcare industry live up to our customers' expectations, encouraging them to delegate not only the scaling of a healthcare solution but also the development of third-party projects to us.


95% senior and middle

95% senior and middle

We entrust medical software development only to experienced employees at Middle and Senior levels, thus ensuring the quality of the software architecture.

Our Healthcare
Application Development Case Studies

Do you want to know how we implemented projects for healthcare institutions? Check out examples of our work with a detailed tech stack in our portfolio.

Our Custom Healthcare
Software Development Services

Lampa, a healthcare software development company with 9+ years of experience, provides quality custom solutions. Our experts stay current with industry trends, delivering 100% customized digital products tailored to each organization's needs.

Idea Validation

As one of the best healthcare software developers, we understand how important it is to correctly assess the idea, market conditions, and expectations of the target audience. Therefore, we conduct comprehensive analytics, researching not only the target healthcare project but also the general technical trends in the industry. By analyzing and assessing risks, we can properly adjust future software development projects, prioritizing the useful and necessary components and avoiding sharp corners and dubious solutions.

MVP Creation

Unlike other development companies, we strive to implement functional and useful custom healthcare software development solutions that can be released to the market from the early MVP stages. Working with healthcare professionals, we have learned how to set the right priorities when launching full-cycle software development, focusing on deploying early releases and their subsequent scaling. When you delegate a project to Lampa, you can rest assured that you'll publish your software on time.

App Development

Medical practices, patient data, service functionality, and other technical components of a healthcare startup require special attention from the developer. Therefore, we take a balanced approach to implementing software systems, ensuring a high degree of information security and active connections, and implementing the latest standards (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, etc.) and protocols (HL7, FHIR, SMART on FHIR). We achieve an unprecedented level of data security and standardization of information exchange through such solutions.

High expertise

Over the years, we have worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. We have had to perform a detailed usability audit report for digital solutions serving various industries, including FinTech, Fitness, Healthcare, E-commerce, Tourism, and many others. So whatever the specifics of your business, rest assured you'll get valuable recommendations from us.


We take equal care in creating patient portals and internal medical institution systems. We ensure synchronization of the digital product with market-demanded medical devices and the highest possible quality of interaction with the healthcare application. Your staff and clients can communicate online without problem by establishing direct channels. The software also provides functions for the disabled, optimizing their access to the medical software solution's functionality.


Solutions for the healthcare industry must work perfectly because the slightest problem can cost someone's life. Guided by this rule, our company strives to bring our digital product to perfection. Therefore, while developing custom solutions, we simultaneously deploy a test environment and examine the code, interface, and API integration for bugs. Even before the MVP stage, all the functionality is cleared of problems, thus achieving maximum performance and smooth operation of the software.

App Submission

A Lampa developer account is a green ticket to all key app distribution platforms. Not only for the App Store, Google Play, App Gallery, etc., but also for specialized medical platforms, where web systems and individual apps for the healthcare business industry are published. Therefore, by ordering custom medical software development with us, you can quickly deploy your digital product and place it on resources, providing your institution with advertising and an influx of customers.

Industry Solutions We Also Worked On

We are not limited to the niche of healthcare development, working with all popular and in-demand industries. Lampa experts deliver custom software to clients, increasing their competitiveness and strengthening their position in the chosen market.


Lampa Software offers services for developing ERP, CRM, CSM, HRM systems, and other corporate software to automate your business processes.


Want to launch a cool OTT platform? We'll create an app for you that allows your users to manage content anywhere, anytime.


To occupy a promising PetTech niche, you need quality software. Our digital solutions for pet owners will help promote your products and services.


Is your company taking its first steps in business? We're ready to support you in this! We'll release the MVP and tweak the product as soon as possible before its full-fledged release.


Your financial business has never been more secure! We offer convenient software for conducting transactions, storing funds, and investing without going to the bank.


Here is a software program that you can use to track your health and control your habits.


Working out without going to the gym? Easy! With digital products from Lampa, you can create a workout schedule, exercise online, and track your results.

Social network

Manage content, create publications, track user interactions – this and much more are available with Social Networks from Lampa Software.

Cashback service

Our Cashback Software allows you to build a loyalty program that retains existing customers and attracts new admirers to your brand.


We create for you the best photo editors, video processing and editing software, and other tools with functionality that is 100% relevant to your needs.


Reliable software is indispensable for all online store owners. It allows you to manage inventory, process payments, fulfill orders and keep finances.


IT solutions for ticket and tour sales, transfer organization or hotel maintenance – we have everything you need to expand your customer network and increase your profits.


We can help you start your own business on the web! Transaction processing, user and database management, API integration – far from everything we can offer you.

How To Start Working With Us?

To order healthcare custom software development, you only need to follow 5 steps:


Contact the Lampa manager and describe the project


Discuss the terms of cooperation;


Sign an NDA and discuss the tech stack;


Conclude a hiring agreement with a detailed description of the project and deadlines;


Periodically monitor the process, waiting for the completion of the development

All you need to do is delegate your project to us, and then we will do the end-to-end implementation of the digital product.

How We Can

We offer several cooperation options for healthcare providers to choose from. They have proven excellent at developing management software or medical billing systems and implementing other types of software. The main difference is the payment methods, so choose the model that fits your budget.

Dedicated team

We organize a team that will build custom healthcare software for your company.


Introduce our specialists to your staff for app development and closing the skills gap.


We completely take the project of creating custom medical software solutions and implement it in-house.

Fixed bid

We undertake a project on the development of the healthcare system, focusing on the allocated budget.

Time & Materials

We create an electronic medical system and then issue you an invoice for payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anticipating your questions, our experts have prepared some comprehensive answers to them. If you don't find the information you need here, contact our manager to discuss the project.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Healthcare App?

The cost of each project is calculated individually, considering such factors as scale, functionality, and urgency. The median price ranges from $40,000 to $100,00 per MVP and has no upper limit.

Who Owns The Code And Design of Our Healthcare Software?

It depends on the terms of cooperation and your wish. We can lend you the digital product or sell you the full rights including the code, add-ons, and all intellectual property.

What About App Maintenance And Support Services?

We provide a full range of services, including periodic maintenance, testing, scaling, bug fixes, problems with functionality, design, and performance of the digital product.

Can You Include Some of My Ideas In My Healthcare Application?

The entire project is developed according to your idea or concept. If we make adjustments, it is only to seamlessly implement the specifications and required functionality into an application or a digital system.

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