Mobile Application for Beauty Salon

Beauty salon owners need to keep up with the times and follow new marketing trends. Regardless of the size of your business, it's time to find a new way to increase the number of clients and, consequently, your income. A mobile app is an excellent way to achieve this goal.

In case you're still wondering whether it's worth spending money on its development, we've compiled a list of the main advantages of using an app.

Ability to Schedule Appointments from Mobile Devices

Some successful beauty salons can afford an administrator to answer incoming calls and schedule appointments. But imagine how much time and money you'll save by paying only once to develop a mobile app, which has many more advantages and useful functions. For example, users who install the program on their smartphones can view your schedule and book appointments at their convenience.

How often do salon visitors arrive late for appointments or fail to show up altogether? People tend to forget information. And each time this happens, the company incurs losses. Hold a fixed amount of money from the client in case they cancel the appointment for any reason. This way, you will be protected from unwanted financial loss even if no one shows up for the appointment.

Customer Loyalty Program

People participate in loyalty programs in hopes of saving money. According to statistics, salons with an accumulation system have an 82% greater chance of attracting new customers. By using a mobile app, you can easily track the number of salon visits by clients and the money they spend. Depending on this data, you can offer rewards and discounts to regular users, encouraging them to continue fulfilling the loyalty program conditions.

Customer Communication 24/7

Stay in touch with customers, even if they haven't visited your beauty salon in a long time. Send push notifications reminding them of upcoming appointments or newsletters with current promotions. You can also vividly demonstrate your work: shoot live videos and use the app as a platform to showcase photos of new hairstyles or products sold in the salon. Users, in turn, can email you photos of hairstyles or upload them directly to their profile in the app. This feature is perfect for demonstration purposes or advertising.

Mobile Payment Setup

The days when customers paid for services in cash are gradually fading away. People find it more convenient to make payments using electronic payment systems. Configure the mobile app properly, and users' credit card information will be saved in their personal profiles. You'll also be able to accept alternative payment methods, such as Apple Pay, which recently became available in Ukraine.

A mobile app will allow customers to make payments from their smartphones, thereby increasing trust in the beauty salon and convincing them to return again and again.

Mobile Marketing for Beauty Salon

Use the app to interact with other marketing platforms. This way, you can drive traffic to your website and social pages, as well as increase the number of downloads from the Apple App Store and Play Market.

Using a mobile app for a beauty salon will increase revenue and reduce costs, ultimately leading to profitable returns on your investments.

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