Loyalty Programs: What They Are and Why Do You Need Them

A loyalty program is a set of actions aimed at rewarding regular users/customers. If consumers regularly return to the online store, renew subscriptions, or recommend your brand to friends and acquaintances, they should get certain privileges. These could include discounts, exclusive deals, and other offers. By receiving such rewards, people will develop an even better attitude towards your company and bring you more money in the long run.

Since almost every user today has a mobile device, you can implement such a system through a loyalty mobile app. Portable devices allow for much more frequent interaction with customers than desktop platforms. Therefore, through them, you can inform your users about interesting offers much more effectively.

Reward Program vs. Loyalty Program: What's the Difference

A reward program is often implemented in the form of a points accumulation system. Customers purchase your products or services and receive special branded currency, which they can exchange for real money or free purchases.

As a loyalty program, it may combine an accumulation system, promotional campaigns, and various marketing activities. It's a comprehensive set of techniques aimed at maximally retaining existing customers.

Loyalty Program in Mobile App

Loyalty Program in Mobile App

Considering the prevalence of modern portable devices, mobile loyalty programs offer you many unique opportunities. Today, users practically never part with their smartphones, meaning they can always track the bonuses offered to them. You'll build trust with users by implementing quick registration and convenient communication with your brand in the app. The more useful notifications they receive from your company, the more likely you'll encourage them to repeat transactions.

Apps With Loyalty Programs for Retailers

In the e-commerce segment, a quality loyalty program can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. By effectively promoting your products and incentivizing users through a mobile app, you can:

  • Encourage customers to make repeat purchases through relevant recommendations.

  • Increase the average order value by relying on bonus offers.

  • Gain a better understanding of the needs of your target audience and offer them more relevant products or services.

  • Engage inactive customers by notifying them of the most beneficial promotions.

Which Loyalty Programs Youth Brands Choose

  • One bright example of a modern, appealing brand is Starbucks. This company regularly conducts engaging promo campaigns for its customers and allows them to accumulate special points. By collecting a certain number of these points, customers can redeem them for interesting bonuses or use them to pay for orders.

  • In textile product retail, it's worth mentioning the online store Urban Outfitters. The feature of their loyalty program is that they reward customers with brand points, not only for purchases. Their consumers accumulate this currency by reading blog posts, participating in various activities, and even using hashtags on social media. People can convert their points into discounts, movie tickets, and many other valuable bonuses.



In the era of modern mobile technologies, companies should strive to maximize the use of apps. By implementing a profitable and engaging loyalty program in your mobile service, you can build trusting relationships with your customers and retain them much longer. As a result, regular repeat purchases, extended subscriptions, and brand recommendations will significantly increase your profits.

If such a scenario fits your needs and you want to learn more about developing mobile products, feel free to consult our team. By combining your ideas with our years of experience, we will create an app with a loyalty program that will allow you to gain even more long-term customers.

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