Elevate Your Mobile App: 5 Key Strategies for Excellence

Mobile apps have become virtually ubiquitous. Almost every company has its app, and even a brand like Barilla has one—'iPasta.' The question is, what sets a good app apart from the "best in the world"?

Developing a successful mobile app is no easy task, but it is far more significant than creating a pretty interface. We've compiled a short list of valuable tips. Take note of these when developing your next mobile app.

Solve One Problem, But Do It Exceptionally Well

Alright, you might say, thank you for the captain's obvious advice. Every business wants and should solve a consumer problem to be successful. However, there's a temptation to cram as many user-friendly features as possible into your app. Of course, more is better, but not in this case. Consider Netflix, Uber, or Dropbox. Each of them became extremely successful without overcomplicating their core purpose. Netflix is for watching movies/series, Uber helps you find transportation, and Dropbox stores your files and gives you access to them.

To truly succeed, make sure your product performs one function flawlessly. Once you can execute the primary task perfectly, confidently add supplementary features.

Save Users' Time

Give your app users something they can't find on your website. Apps like Operator enable people to make purchases through simple text requests. You save hours that a person would have spent web surfing in search of a product.


"Your mom is being called from both here and there." Ensure that your app is consistent in functionality and design. This guarantees that a button created on one screen looks and functions the same on every screen it appears on. Such polish adds shine to your finished product, making it more professional. Without consistency in your app, users will be disappointed and irritated.


Don't underestimate features like user testing and surveys. Make sure you listen to the people using your product. Take their feedback seriously. Listen to what they say and reorganize your app to meet their needs.

Pleasant Design

Yes, we said that a beautiful design doesn't make an app top-notch. Nevertheless, aesthetics are an essential component of success. An aesthetically pleasing product is like a well-maintained lawn in front of your house. It's the first thing people see and can either entice them to go further or turn them away permanently. Recently, the Nielsen Norman Group published an article stating that users are more tolerant of minor usability issues if the app or product is visually appealing.

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