Avoid These Pitfalls: Top 5 Mistakes That Can Doom Your Mobile App

Here are 5 points that can prevent you or your clients from achieving the desired results. Lampa Software has adapted this article from www.entrepreneur.com to help ensure that your new app becomes profitable and valuable for your business.

Choosing a Platform Without Consideration

You'll need to decide on a platform: iOS, Android, Windows. Often, clients choose iOS just because they believe they can make more money in the App Store. While there's some truth to this, it's not always practical to base your decision solely on potential earnings.

Think about your app's target audience and where it will be used. iOS may dominate the United States, but Android has a more global presence. If your app is intended for users in multiple countries, consider Android. When choosing a platform, prioritize your target audience's preferences.

Creating an App That Resembles a Website

Let's be honest: mobile apps and websites differ in size, functionality, and capabilities. You can't design your app to look like your website. The difference is significant, to the extent that if Apple doesn't approve of your app's design, they may refuse to list it in their store.

Despite these obvious distinctions, some believe that an app mimicking a website's functionality is logical and convenient. In reality, the value of mobile apps lies in their differences from desktop counterparts. Mobile apps are used on the go, offer more comfortable interfaces, have access to smartphone notifications, and are highly customized.

Ensure that your app is better and more comfortable than your website. Identify the unique selling points of your product compared to competitors, and then incorporate these differences into your app as part of your custom software development.

Neglecting Monetization

The nuances of app monetization can be perplexing. Should you opt for a subscription model or use a freemium approach with in-app purchases? Perhaps you should consider placing ads in your app. Combining multiple monetization methods to generate revenue without irritating users is often the best approach.

Platforms like AppAnnie and AppTrace rank the best apps by genre and rating. Study your competitors to get an idea of how popular apps monetize.

No matter which path you choose, the success of app monetization depends on when you start thinking about it during development. Planning your monetization strategy early allows you to design your app accordingly.

Otherwise, you may have to adapt your app to fit a chosen monetization strategy, which can be problematic. Creating a clear monetization plan in advance can save you from many potential issues and help you achieve your revenue goals.

Believing That Your App Will Sell Itself

 While it's essential to be optimistic about your app's release, keep in mind that when you publish your app, you're releasing it into a sea of thousands of competitors. Your app could go unnoticed if you don't have a comprehensive marketing plan for app stores.

Before you start marketing, define your target audience. Are you targeting stay-at-home moms, or do you want to reach various demographic segments? In any case, make sure your app addresses specific problems affecting your target market and then create an app that solves those issues. To identify trends and consumer demand, consider using tools like Google Trends and Xyologic.

Attempting to Be Your App's Beta Tester

Beta testing is essential; it provides an external perspective that can help identify issues with your mobile app. Thorough beta testing makes your app user-friendly. For instance, your push notifications may not be informative enough, or your ads may appear intrusive. After working on a project for a long time, you can get fixated on fixing bugs. To refine your app both technically and user-friendliness, beta testing must take place outside your office.

Use analytics tools like Flurry and Google's Universal Analytics to understand how your testers are using the app.

Navigating the intricacies of mobile app development isn't easy. To receive a free consultation and order a mobile app, contact us. Lampa Software is continuously working to ensure that your new mobile app breaks download records in app stores.

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