Uber Alternatives – A List of Uber-Like Apps for 2023

According to the latest statistics, more than 300 million people use taxi booking apps worldwide. Compared to 2021, their number has increased by 55 million, and we are sure it will continue to grow. The market volume of such software also shows a steady upward trend. While in 2022, it was estimated at $201 billion, analysts predict that by 2028 the figure will reach $283 billion.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons for the popularity of these digital solutions and elaborate on the Uber-like apps that today's digital solutions marketplace offers consumers.

According to Statista, Uber is the most popular ride-hailing app in the world. As of the first quarter of 2023, it is used by 130 million people to request taxis, accounting for over 40% of the total users of such digital products.

However, besides this global giant, other software options can be considered a full-fledged alternative to Uber. We have compiled a list of 15 ride-sharing apps that will pleasantly surprise you with their functionality and advanced features.

Ola Cabs

This transportation service company is Uber's main competitor in India. It offers Uber-similar apps for Android, Windows, and iOS users.

The app stands out with a wide range of features for users:

  • The app stands out with a wide range of features for users:

  • The built-in wallet allows users to avoid payment issues for their rides.

  • OTP authentication technology ensures proper matching between the driver and passenger, minimizing situations where the client gets into the wrong car.

  • The small size of the software product (52 MB) saves device resources.

  • Offline functionality support enables customers to use the service regardless of their internet connection quality.


This is one of the apps similar to Uber that offers a rich set of features. With this app, you can book a ride and arrange deliveries from stores, pharmacies, or restaurants, pay bills, or request various services like a massage. The app is available in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Features of GoJek include:

  • Group or private chat function for users, with the ability to send or request GoPay money transfers.

  • Driver identification and car tracking system that takes taxi booking services to a new level of safety.

  • Built-in geolocation algorithms that accurately calculate trip costs and reduce waiting time for vehicle arrivals.

  • Support for cashless payments on the platform, allowing passengers to pay using any convenient method.


This convenient mobile application for iOS and Android is popular among the younger generation in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. It allows you to book taxis, rent cars, order food and groceries delivery, as well as any other goods, including flowers, tickets, and medicine. Like GoJek, this Uber-type app supports online transactions.

The popularity of the application can be attributed to its numerous progressive features:

  • Expense control function for corporate clients that allows limiting employee travel expenses.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking enhances passenger safety and helps accurately estimate waiting time.

  • Trip planning with the option to choose the pickup and drop-off locations lets customers be confident that the car will be provided at the desired place and on time.

  • Number masking feature helps maintain the privacy of both drivers and passengers.

  • Route optimization reduces travel time and lowers costs.


Lyft is the main competitor to Uber in the United States. The company provides ride-hailing services across the entire US territory and in three provinces of Canada: Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. The app is available to iOS and Android device owners.

The advantages of this taxi app:

  • Lyft Plus feature allows the ride cost to be split among six passengers.

  • Priority Pickup option minimizes waiting time for car arrival.

  • A rider can pre-order rides to avoid lengthy wait times after connecting to the app.

  • Integration with Google Maps displays the real-time location of the vehicle.


Gett is another Uber alternative available to residents of most major cities in the UK, including London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. This service also operates in Israel and the US. The company offers a web platform and mobile app for iOS and Android devices. These digital solutions seamlessly synchronize with each other, providing users with up-to-date trip information.

Top features of the Gett Taxi app:

  • Support for cashless payments allows each passenger to choose their preferred payment method.

  • The ability to pre-book cars and make on-demand reservations makes the app highly flexible. Customers can schedule a taxi for a specific time and choose the desired type of vehicle.

  • Access to an online chat for communication with customer support specialists allows Gett customers to easily receive assistance, even when traveling abroad.

  • The geolocation feature makes tracking the vehicle's location during the trip or before its arrival easy.

  • Setting up regular trips using AI-based tools optimizes the app according to each customer's needs.

Grab Cabs

Grab Cabs is an application like Uber for Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices operating in Southeast Asian countries. Like many other mobile apps, Grab allows users to book taxis, order necessary goods, and reserve tickets or hotel rooms.

Key features of Grab Cabs:

  • GPS tracking of the vehicle ensures passenger safety and provides an estimated time of car arrival.

  • Pre-booking taxis and selecting preferred vehicles cater to the demands of the most discerning customers.

  • An integrated wallet that can be topped up and used for payment of rides.

  • In-app search for desired services or amenities.

GO Catch

GO Catch is a passenger transport and delivery service operating in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The company offers its customers access to a convenient car app like Uber, available on iOS and Android devices. The main differentiating feature of this service is its focus on the wholesale passenger transport market.

App features:

  • The bulk booking option allows customers to make up to 1,000 orders simultaneously.

  • Pre-booking a car ensures that the taxi will be waiting at the designated time, regardless of whether the order is placed half an hour or a year in advance.

  • A loyalty program that rewards points, known as GoCoins, for each trip or pre-booking.

  • The "Taxi Stand" feature allows customers to independently choose an available nearby vehicle, contact the taxi driver, and start the trip as quickly as possible.


This is similar to the Uber mobile app – the choice of the majority of residents in France where Uber is not available. In addition to the digital solution for iOS and Android devices, customers can also use the website to book a taxi. The company is mainly focused on corporate clients.

Features of the app, like Uber – LeCab:

  • Special features for companies include detailed trip reports, priority booking, and access to various payment methods.

  • Pre-booking with a fixed price.

  • Real-time GPS tracking that provides updates on the taxi driver's location.

  • 24/7 access to customer support.

Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing is a Chinese company that initially offered its users a mobile application for calling taxis but later expanded its range of services. Now Didi is a service that provides car, bus, and bicycle rentals and can also send a driver to operate your vehicle. In addition to China, the Android and iOS taxi booking app is available in South America, Japan, Australia, and South Africa.

Features of the digital solution:

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence technology to create a comprehensive transportation ecosystem and improve the user experience.

  • Support for shared rides for convenient and cost-effective travel.

  • High level of security with features such as audio recording during the trip, a button to call the police, and the ability to block certain drivers or passengers.

  • Driver facial recognition option for access to work.


Cabify is a company that provides ride-hailing services in the Spanish and Latin American markets. It offers an app like Uber for iOS and Android devices. In addition to private passenger transportation, Cabify offers logistics solutions and convenient tools for corporate users.

The functionality of the Cabify mobile app:

  • Built-in fare calculator to estimate the cost of the trip and avoid unpleasant surprises when settling with the driver.

  • Taxi booking for third parties.

  • Pre-ordering music to be played in the car during the journey.

  • Real-time trip monitoring for corporate clients.

  • Safety button and the ability to share your location.


Curb is a popular taxi service in the United States that competes with Uber and Lyft. With the convenient mobile application, Curb customers can quickly connect with the nearest driver and start their journey. It is a similar app to Uber designed for iOS and Android devices.

Features provided to Curb customers:

  • Access to upfront ride prices for all types of vehicles to plan your budget.

  • Pre-booking a taxi up to 48 hours before the intended trip.

  • Pair & Pay option that allows hailing a taxi on the street and paying for the ride through the app.

  • A referral program that offers ride discounts by scanning a friend's QR code in the application.


Bolt is an Estonian company that provides passenger transport services in Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and Latin America. Like most other alternatives to Uber, it offers an Uber-like app available for iOS and Android. In addition to taxi services, Bolt provides car and two-wheeler rentals, delivery services, and special offers for business clients.

Key features of the application:

  • Saving frequent pickup and drop-off locations for faster booking.

  • The ability to add stops and change the destination during the trip.

  • The "Share a ride" option allows sharing your location and estimated arrival time.

  • Direct communication with the driver through the app via messaging or calling.


Juno is a local taxi service initially designed for Manhattan and Brooklyn residents but now operates in almost all of New York and some areas of New Jersey. The service's application can be partially compared to the Uber app, although its functionalities are somewhat inferior to the leading passenger transportation service in the United States.

Отличительные черты Juno:

  • Trip personalization: the option to specify additional requirements for the car or driver, such as assistance with luggage or preferences for conversation during the journey.

  • Cashless payment feature, which also allows leaving tips for the driver.

  • 24/7 customer support to help passengers feel more confident and secure.

  • Pre-calculation of trip costs to enable expense estimation.


Via Transportation is a service for on-demand and scheduled transit services in 35+ countries worldwide. It allows customers to book a car through a convenient mobile application for iOS and Android devices or on the website. Users also have access to medical transportation services and can book school buses or utilize corporate transfers.

Key features of the Via app include:

  • Trip routing enables the company to fulfill more orders with fewer vehicles involved.

  • Real-time trip tracking available to passengers, drivers, and dispatchers.

  • Online demand and supply analysis tool to optimize workflow.

  • Option for shared rides to save costs and reduce the number of vehicles on the road.


Wingz is a company that provides taxi and shared ride services. Customers can book a car through the Wingz mobile application for Android and iOS. The service operates in 30 cities across the United States and specializes in comfortable transfers to airports and other destinations.

Functional features of the Wingz app:

  • Advanced car booking up to several months in advance.

  • Option to specify additional requirements for the vehicle, such as selecting a car for people with special needs.

  • Automatic fare calculation based on distance and travel time, regardless of increased demand or limited supply.

  • Access to request a specific driver.

Benefits of Taxi Booking Apps like Uber

Cutting-edge features implemented in digital solutions for taxi booking make such Uber-similar apps indispensable in the modern passenger transportation industry. Their usage offers specific benefits for all participants in the transportation ecosystem: passengers, drivers, and business owners. Let's discuss them in more detail.

Benefits for passengers:

  • Convenience. Passengers can book a taxi with just a few clicks in an intuitive mobile application.

  • Safety. Most apps include real-time vehicle tracking and the ability to share their location.

  • Predictability of expenses and time. Customers receive information about the estimated cost and duration of the trip and can monitor the online arrival time of the vehicle.

  • Flexibility. Typically, driver apps like Uber offer users multiple payment options and the ability to specify additional trip requirements.

Advantages for taxi drivers:

  • Increased income. Specialized programs automatically match orders based on the car's location and optimize the route for efficient execution.

  • Expanded customer base. Popular taxi services have their regular clientele, and drivers gain access to them by joining the company.

  • Flexible work schedule. Drivers can independently choose their working hours, adjusting them to personal needs or aligning with peak demand times for higher earnings.

  • Access to passenger information. Drivers can view a passenger's rating and additional information. Some applications even allow them to decline trips with undesirable passengers.

Benefits for business owners:

  • Increased market reach. Taxi booking app development enables the integration of additional features into the software, such as goods delivery or shared rides, attracting a larger customer base.

  • Streamlined workflow. Apps like Uber driver usually have an admin panel containing specialized tools for fleet management, staff control, order flow, and more.

  • Access to reports and analytics. Entrepreneurs can analyze demand trends, evaluate user behavior, and leverage this information for business planning.

  • Brand recognition. High-quality taxi booking software helps the transportation provider stand out in a highly competitive market and attract a larger customer base.

To enjoy all the benefits of a taxi booking app, it is essential to incorporate the features found in progressive digital solutions. For high-quality app development, we recommend seeking the assistance of professionals. The experts at Lampa are ready to apply their experience in creating such software to work on your project.


The modern software market offers numerous apps similar to Uber. In addition to taxi booking, most provide other options such as delivery services, driver services, vehicle rentals, ride-sharing, and much more. Users also appreciate features like cashless payment, advance booking, and online location tracking.

Are you planning to order the development of an app like Uber? Consider all the requirements mentioned above for modern software, and you'll be able to expand your customer base and increase your profits in no time.

Need professional assistance gathering all the required artifacts to build a mobile app? Order product ideation services from Lampa!


How is an Uber-like app developed?

The development of an Uber-like app is carried out in several stages. First, we analyze your business, determine the target audience, and choose the business model for the digital product. Then, we identify the optimal tech stack and create the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). After its validation, we develop a full-fledged application for passengers, drivers, and administrators. The app development process concludes with product testing.

How long does it take to develop an Uber alternative app?

Depending on the chosen tech stack, the number of supported platforms, and implemented functions, the Uber alternative app development can take 4 to 8 months.

How much does it cost to develop an Uber-like app?

The cost of the development team will also depend on the complexity of the app to be implemented. Depending on the desired functionality, an application like Uber will cost you from $70,000 to $150,000.

What are the challenges of developing an Uber-like app?

Developers of Uber-like apps encounter several challenges during their work. Firstly, they must create multiple programs simultaneously: one for clients, one for drivers, and one for administrators. Secondly, it is crucial to ensure the performance of such solutions. Additionally, paying special attention to the scalability of Uber-type apps, their integration capabilities, and business logic is important.

What features should I include in my taxi booking app?

The main functions of the client application include geolocation detection, integration of payment solutions, and the ability to pre-order a car. For the driver, access to search for nearby orders, routing, and controlling their income are essential. The admin panel should include the ability to manage the fleet of cars, control drivers, and the financial side of the business.


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