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According to Adobe's research, about 78% of employees prefer companies with an established corporate culture that actively works to develop it.

The concept of corporate culture includes not only behavioral norms, subordination, or communication rules.

  • This is a comprehensive set of processes that unite all team members into a friendly team without violating their personal freedoms, interests, etc.

Lampa Software is actively working to improve its corporate culture. At the same time, it already has its own established traditions. Let's talk about them today.

Why is it important to have company traditions?

Each person is an individual who is difficult to "rebuild" to the company's needs. But this is not necessary if you find common points of interest for all team members, which will become factors that bind brand specialists into a friendly team.

This is important for the company, as it positively impacts employees' emotional state, productivity, and interaction effectiveness.  

Traditions that the Lampa Software has

Traditions that the Lampa Software has:

For 8 years of work in the IT industry, Lampa Software has developed more than 130 projects and built its own corporate traditions. We will tell you about some of them in this article.

FIFA Lampa Cup

What could be better than a friendly competition between teammates? That's right, only fierce matches in FIFA '23, where the winner is determined only by the ability to use the gamepad and excitement. 

FIFA '23 Lampa Spring Cup brought positive emotions and adrenaline to team members and spectators. 

Kicker Lampa Championship

Regular, digital, or tabletop football... The format doesn't matter if you're with friends and having fun. The speed of reaction, the ability to predict the actions of opponents and partners and a little luck. All this determines the favorite of the match.

Lampa Kicker Champ 2023 helped to unite the team even more around shared interests. All participants received a lot of vivid emotions and maximum positive energy.

Lampa Chess Cup

Concentrated faces, the tension in the air, and the quiet click of a clock counting down the remaining time to think about a move. The Lampa Summer Chess Cup tests even experienced chess players' stress tolerance and ability to think ahead.

Everyone can test their tactical skills at these competitions by competing in a chess match with both amateurs and local grandmasters from the Lampa Software staff. 

Friday Night Board Games

How to unlock each team member's communication skills, psychological talents, and thinking logic? Play board games together! Mafia, Spy, Bunker, Dixit, and many other games have become traditional at Lampa Software's corporate events.

Each new game keeps all players in suspense, regardless of their experience and skills. This brings a lot of fun to everyone who participates in the game or watches the process.

Vyshyvanka Day Celebration

Cultural unity is manifested not only in the work environment but also in love for the Motherland, the land where you were born, grew up, and have the opportunity to work and develop. For Lampa Software, Vyshyvanka Day is not just about dressing up.

National identity is what makes us Ukrainians, especially in these difficult times. This way, we demonstrate our loyalty to our land and remind ourselves who we were born, who we are, and who we will become after the Victory!

Decorating the office for Christmas

Christmas is a home holiday when the family gathers around the table, sees off another year, and discusses plans for the future. Lampa Software is a big family, which, although not bound by traditional ties, is no less friendly.

Decorating the office for Christmas is a special ritual that unites the team to celebrate the holiday in the right atmosphere.

Final Words.

Some people may find our traditions strange or rudimentary. But for Lampa Software members, this is a corporate value that unites us all, turning us into a big family. 

So, nowadays, such events are held about once every two months. They help the team to "reboot" and continue the swift movement towards a common goal!

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Why are company traditions important at Lampa Software?

Company traditions at Lampa Software are essential for fostering a sense of unity, camaraderie, and a positive work environment. These traditions help strengthen the team's bond, enhance employee well-being, and contribute to a more enjoyable and productive workplace.

How do Lampa Software's traditions contribute to employee engagement?

Lampa Software's traditions, such as FIFA Lampa Cup, Kicker Championship, and Friday Night Board Games, encourage active participation and friendly competition among team members. These activities provide a break from regular work routines, promote interaction, and create opportunities for employees to socialize and connect on a personal level.

What role do cultural celebrations like Vyshyvanka Day play in the company's culture?

Cultural celebrations like Vyshyvanka Day showcase the company's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and respect for individual backgrounds. By recognizing and celebrating cultural events, Lampa Software strengthens the sense of belonging and highlights the importance of embracing and honoring employees' unique identities.

How do office decorations for Christmas contribute to the company's atmosphere?

Decorating the office for Christmas enhances the festive spirit and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for team members. It reinforces a sense of community and family within the workplace, even among colleagues who may not share traditional familial bonds. This practice promotes a positive and enjoyable environment during the holiday season.

How do Lampa Software's traditions align with its overall corporate culture?

Lampa Software's traditions align with its corporate culture by emphasizing values such as teamwork, creativity, work-life balance, and respect for individuality. These traditions promote a healthy work environment, strengthen relationships among team members, and contribute to the company's reputation as an employer that prioritizes employee well-being and engagement.


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