Navigating Tech's Future: Lampa Software's Co-founders at IT Arena Lviv 2023

We have exciting news! This year, the co-founders of Lampa Software, Boris Barskyi and Roman Tymoshchuk, attended a world-class event – IT Arena. Another intriguing addition to our company's treasure trove!

What is this event, what were the impressions of our representatives, and what did they take away from it? Let's dive in.

About IT Arena

IT Arena is the largest technology event in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, gathering IT professionals, business experts, cybersecurity specialists, and digitalization enthusiasts in Lviv every year at the beginning of October.

The first conference was held from October 2 to October 4, 2014, and since then, it has continuously evolved into a vital event for the entire tech community. The most significant changes occurred at the onset of the pandemic when IT Arena adapted to a partially digital format, with networking events conducted offline while adhering to all COVID-19 guidelines. In 2022, despite the challenging circumstances, IT Arena took place live to demonstrate the resilience of the tech industry and Ukraine.

This year, IT Arena ran from September 29 to October 1. It marked the 10th anniversary of this milestone event, held in updated historical venues in Lviv, surpassing all previous years in terms of engaging speakers and global networking opportunities.

The event traditionally focused on four tracks:

  • Business

  • Technology

  • Products

  • Startups

Our colleagues had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and knowledge while exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals.

To give you a sense of the experience, we sat down with Boris and Roman to hear their impressions of the event. 

Feedback from Borys Barskyi

"This conference is not just a meeting place for IT industry experts. Here, every participant can attend numerous presentations by various speakers, make valuable connections, advance their startup ideas, and secure real investor support.

For me, the startup presentations left the most lasting impression. It's a fantastic opportunity for young companies to showcase themselves and attract the attention of potential partners. I also want to emphasize the unique atmosphere of networking at the conference. Each conference location was infused with the spirit of innovation, creativity, and knowledge exchange.

I want to thank the organizers for creating such a tremendous and valuable platform that unites talented professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators from around the world, letting them interact, learn, and grow together."

Feedback from Roman Tymoshchuk

"Despite the ongoing war, IT Arena celebrated its 10th anniversary. The entire event was shrouded in a bit of secrecy, which the organizers had to maintain for our safety. Fortunately, everything went smoothly.

The picturesque city of Lviv, the vast representation of industry professionals, the opportunity to make new connections and reunite with old friends – what more could one wish for in these challenging times?

I had the honor of participating in a panel discussion on 'IT Sales: How to Attract and Retain Clients During a War' by the USAID Competitive Economy Program of Ukraine and the IT Ukraine Association.

I want to thank my colleagues Maria Shevchuk, Anton Skrypnik, Antonina Skrypnik, Daria Boyko, and Irina Bilyaeva. Countless insights, interesting questions, and lively conversations. Thanks to everyone who joined, and I look forward to future meetings!"



IT Arena is more than just a tech conference; it's a genuine platform for sharing experiences, learning, development, and networking in the IT industry. Despite challenging circumstances, the organizers have created a safe environment for communication and growth.

This event provided an excellent opportunity to enhance our knowledge and skills, stay updated on the latest trends, and learn about the new challenges in the modern world of technology.

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with innovations and trends, so we plan to continue attending similar exhibitions, conferences, and events worldwide.

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What is IT Arena, and why is it significant for Lampa Software?

IT Arena is the largest technology event in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, serving as a gathering for IT professionals, business experts, cybersecurity specialists, and digitalization enthusiasts. For Lampa Software, it provides a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and staying updated on industry trends.

How did IT Arena adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic, and what tracks did the event focus on?

In response to the pandemic, IT Arena partially adapted to a digital format while maintaining networking events offline. The event traditionally focuses on four tracks: Business, Technology, Products, and Startups. Despite challenges, the 2022 edition took place live and marked its 10th anniversary with engaging speakers and global networking opportunities.

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