Lampa Software shines at Dublin Tech Summit

It's a two-day conference that has become one of Europe's fastest-growing B2B technology events over the past 6 years. This year, the Dublin Tech Summit took place from May 31st to June 1st at the renowned RDS Arena in the heart of Ireland's capital.

The summit brought together innovators, thought leaders, and influential figures from 60 countries around the world:

  • 200+ international speakers

  • 150 startups

  • 80 corporate partners

  • 200 media representatives

Among the main focus areas were various SaaS, IoT, Fintech, Zero code, and DevOps solutions.

At the summit, representatives from Lampa Software showcased their professionalism, knowledge, and impressive presentation skills, leaving a lasting impression on the event participants. We are incredibly proud of their contribution and the positive feedback they received. It confirms our commitment to providing high-quality solutions and implementing innovative ideas.

Our team actively participated in lively discussions, delivered engaging presentations and workshops, sharing knowledge and expertise. We had a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from industry experts, and establish valuable connections.

Attending the Dublin Tech Summit was a great chance to showcase Ukraine among powerful Irish and international companies and to familiarize ourselves with the specifics of the local market.

We sincerely thank the organizers of the Dublin Tech Summit for their hospitality, the unique experience of representing our company on the global stage, and for strengthening international connections in the IT field.

We eagerly look forward to the next conference!

Stay tuned as we continue to leverage the knowledge gained at the Dublin Tech Summit to promote innovative digital solutions and elevate the quality of our services to a new level.

Lampa Software shines at Dublin Tech Summit

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What is the significance of Lampa Software's participation in the Dublin Tech Summit?

Lampa Software's participation in the Dublin Tech Summit is a significant opportunity to showcase our commitment to innovation, network with global leaders, and present our solutions on an international stage. It allows us to learn from industry experts, establish valuable connections, and contribute to the tech community.

How did Lampa Software contribute to the summit and its objectives?

Lampa Software actively engaged in discussions, delivered impactful presentations, and participated in workshops, showcasing our professionalism and knowledge. Our contributions left a lasting impression on participants, reinforcing our dedication to high-quality solutions and innovative ideas.

What benefits did Lampa Software gain from attending the Dublin Tech Summit?

Attending the Dublin Tech Summit provided Lampa Software with a platform to exchange ideas, learn from industry experts, and establish valuable international connections. It allowed us to represent Ukraine's tech talent, promote innovative digital solutions, and gain insights into the local market. This experience will help us elevate the quality of our services and contribute to the tech industry's advancement.


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