How to Prepare for an Interview with Lampa Software

The word "interview" may sound daunting to many, but in reality, it's not as intimidating as it seems, especially when approached with the right mindset and proper preparation. Your level of preparation significantly impacts your success in securing your dream job with the company.

Here are some simple tips to help you handle this challenging task with ease:

  1. Research Us: Dedicate 5-10 minutes of your time to find information about our company. We are present on all social media platforms, making it easy to learn about our activities, how we make money, our corporate culture, and values. This doesn't mean we expect you to be an expert, but a lack of basic knowledge about the company can create the impression of indifference.

  2. Carefully Review the Job Requirements: Thoroughly examine the job posting and ensure that your knowledge and experience align with the requirements. Even if you lack certain skills, you can always learn about them before the interview, as plenty of information is available on the internet.

  3. Prepare Questions and Don't Hesitate to Ask: We appreciate when candidates ask questions; interviews are best conducted as dialogues. This approach also helps us understand that you are making a thoughtful choice rather than blindly accepting any job offer.

  4. Express Your Thought Process and Think Out Loud: When faced with a question you don't know the answer to, try to demonstrate your thought process independently or by asking additional questions. Honesty and the ability to handle unforeseen situations can be more valuable than a correct answer.

  5. Review and Analyze Our Projects: We always appreciate it when candidates show interest in our activities and successes. It's a big plus if you prepare and present your own projects, as it allows us to learn more about your achievements and work approach.

  6. Maintain a Positive Attitude and Stay Calm: Nervousness can make it difficult to concentrate during an interview, potentially hindering your ability to showcase your potential and skills. Don't view the interview as something intimidating; instead, imagine it as an opportunity to have a conversation, exchange experiences, and learn something new.

Preparation, openness, and a positive attitude will make the interview less stressful and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Are you searching for a new job and want to join the Lampa team? We have great news for you! We are always on the lookout for new talent. Check out our job openings and send us your resume.

Viktoria Cherevach

Viktoria Cherevach, recruiter at Lampa Software

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How can I prepare for an interview with Lampa Software?

To prepare for an interview with Lampa Software, dedicate 5-10 minutes to research our company. Explore our activities, corporate culture, and values through social media platforms. While we don't expect you to be an expert, having basic knowledge demonstrates your interest and helps create a positive impression.

What steps should I take to align my skills with the job requirements before the interview?

Thoroughly review the job requirements outlined in the posting and ensure that your knowledge and experience align with them. If there are skills you lack, consider learning about them beforehand, utilizing the wealth of information available on the internet. This proactive approach showcases your commitment to the role.

Why is it important to ask questions during the interview process at Lampa Software?

We value candidates who ask questions during interviews, as it turns the process into a dialogue. This approach demonstrates your thoughtful consideration of the job offer and helps us understand your mindset. Prepare questions about the company, team dynamics, or the role to showcase your genuine interest in making an informed decision.


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