Hiring in Ukraine: A Successful Guide from Lampa Software

Software development can be quite expensive, especially for representatives of SMBs or startup owners. It's not the option that allows expanding the team with in-house experts, launching large-scale projects, and so on.

Indeed, to cover such IT needs, there is outsourcing, which allows for reducing investments in development and, instead, obtaining a quality digital solution.

However, outsourcing can vary. You can collaborate, for example, with the U.S. market, depleting the budget, or work with representatives from India, getting somewhat inferior results for less money. Or you can hire remote developers from Ukraine and quickly close the project, receiving a high-quality digital product.

The experts at Lampa Software have prepared a guide for you, highlighting all the critical nuances of hiring in Ukraine.

The Importance of Ukraine as a Technological Hub

As of 2023, the Ukrainian market is experiencing its second turbulence of the last decade and continues to grow. According to Statista analysts' forecasts, its value will exceed $5.49 billion by 2028 despite the ongoing war.

The domestic IT hub holds significant importance for the country as it contributes to the budget and supports the economy, which is a critical investment considering the situation.

For partner countries, Ukrainian programmers and startups in Ukraine are subjects of increased interest. This interest is well-founded, as they understand the balanced nature of the price/quality ratio of Ukrainian IT solutions. Moreover, it's an opportunity for them to find developers for their projects at relatively modest costs.

The latter is of particular interest to startup owners who understand the value of every penny.

Why Startups Should Pay Attention to Ukrainian Developers

Startups that have not yet transformed into unicorns need to present something substantial to the audience. In 2023, this is a certain innovative digital product.

Highly qualified professionals with access to technology, licenses, and equipment are required for its development. This is the key pain point for startups, leading to the main challenges: excessive expenses, investor concerns, and more.

Hiring in Ukraine Ukrainian tech talent, teams, or even entire companies allows a startup to achieve its goals without depleting its budget.

Effective Methods of Finding Developers in Ukraine

If you plan to hire Ukrainian developers, you should understand some nuances, particularly how to find them. There are several powerful platforms, both internal and external, such as:

  • Work.ua: A website where vacancies from various industries are posted. If you work in Ukraine, this is your chance to quickly find specialists.

  • Jobbit: An exclusive IT portal where you can hire dedicated professionals for project work, including remote developers from Ukraine. 

  • Kabanchik: A versatile portal where you can find professionals offering services to both companies and startups at reasonable costs.

  • FreelanceHunt: A well-known freelancers' platform where you can find Full-Stack developers, assemble a team, or hire a ready-made developer team.

  • G2: A portal where teams, including Ukrainian programmers, are gathered. Here, you can not only find experts but also read real reviews about their past projects.

  • Trust Pilot: A rating portal where you can find developers for startups in Ukraine, review feedback about them, and even communicate with team managers.

  • Design Rush: A website featuring professional outsourcing companies, including those from Ukraine. Portfolios, reviews, communication – everything is available within the portal.

These and other platforms allow you to quickly find Ukrainian tech talent and hire professionals for project work. However, it's advisable to prepare for the search process or entrust it to professionals.

Internal Recruiting: How to Build an Effective Internal Talent Acquisition Team

If you plan to find developers from Ukraine, ensure that your HR department has experience in this matter. First, explain the essence of the project to them and formulate specifications that will allow them to accurately match the necessary personnel.

Apart from hiring in Ukraine software development teams or experts, you will also need to onboard them and introduce them to the rest of the team, corporate culture, etc. Under these conditions, you will achieve success in collaborative project work.

Technical Skills, Soft Skills, Experience in Startups

Startups almost always offer global innovations on technical or technological levels and purely conceptual or visual ones. That's why it's essential to select performers from the tech industry in Ukraine who share or at least understand your values. They should also have a skill set that meets the project's requirements.

Among the hard skills important for startups are:

  • Language skills (communication and programming).

  • Understanding information working principles.

  • Knowledge of methodologies.

  • Ability to use technologies and tools.

  • Specific skills depending on the project's requirements.

Among soft skills important for startups are:

  • Communication skills.

  • Stress resistance.

  • Adaptability.

  • Positive thinking.

Regarding industries and experience working with them, it depends on the project's needs. However, any professional's significant advantage will be an understanding of the specifics of multiple industries and business types simultaneously.

This concerns the selection of contractors. However, you still need to find the candidates, and we will help facilitate this task using advertising methods.

SEO Optimization of the Hiring Process

When creating a vacancy on a website, you expect quick results but often receive no responses at all. This is not only due to a weak description of the offer and collaboration benefits but also due to the ranking of the vacancy by the portal's system where it is posted.

Let us share a secret: most specialized job search resources use indexing systems like Google's. That's why it's critically important to use keywords in your job ads and also leverage additional platforms for finding professionals.

Let's briefly go through both of these points.

How to Use Keywords in Job Ads

You need to add keywords and phrases to optimize a vacancy or offer for better indexing. For example, if you are looking for a developer with expertise in a specific framework, state it explicitly:

  • "Angular programmer (any other framework)"

  • "full-time"

  • "development experience"

  • "programming"

  • "Middle/Senior"

The more organic (similar to a typical user query) your keyword looks, the more chances you have of getting views and responses to the vacancy.

But don't forget that, above all, the offer should look professional, meaning it should not contain mistakes in spelling and punctuation. 

How to Use Social Media to Improve Visibility

As of 2023, professional use of social media is becoming increasingly prevalent. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., already have built-in HR functionality, allowing companies to quickly find employees and users to find jobs.

Therefore, it's important to duplicate vacancies on company pages on social media. The algorithm for creating posts is similar but with one nuance. Posts must comply with the network's rules and contain a limited number of characters. You can also add key phrases or words, but no more than necessary to make the post look organic.

Results and Benefits of Hiring Developers from Ukraine for Startups

When hiring IT professionals from Ukraine, be prepared for your project to be handled by experts who can quickly and qualitatively execute it and offer you options to enhance the product. This is due to the accelerated development of the industry in the country and the natural desire to achieve new heights through unconventional thinking and innovation.

So, believe that the results of collaborating with Ukrainian developers will not disappoint you, especially if you choose professionals for the implementation.

Find Your Ideal Ukrainian Developer Today

If you don't have the time or resources to search for a responsible contractor/partner for your IT project, we've already prepared the optimal option for you. Simply delegate your tasks to the Lampa Software team, and we will ensure that you receive a quality product on time.

With nearly 10 years of experience, a track record of working with all industries, 100% satisfied clients, and partners worldwide, add to that a flexible pricing model, dozens of excellent cases, and high ratings on specialized platforms. Impressive, right?

So, don't hesitate. Reach out to a Lampa Software manager and get your project up and running!

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