Ceatec 2023

Our dear friends, we have fantastic news!

The progressive team at Lampa Software took advantage of a rare opportunity to showcase projects in the Asian market and dive into the trends of the Japanese IT sector during CEATEC 2023.

Curious to learn about our experience? Read on!

About Ceatec

CEATEC 2023 is the main tech exhibition of the year, a platform for collaborative creativity and the exchange of cutting-edge ideas among professionals worldwide.

The event took place from October 17-20 in Japan to popularize the concept of Society 5.0 and establish partnerships while fostering external relations.

The scale of the tech exhibition turned out to be incredible, surpassing all expectations. According to CEATEC, over the 4 days of the event, there were:

  • Nearly 90,000 visitors

  • 200+ companies

  • 150+ startups

  • 500+ exhibitors

The tech exhibition brought together investors, developers, thought leaders, and interested buyers from around the world.

Ukraine's Participation in the International Tech Exhibition

CEATEC 2023 was truly a breakthrough for Ukraine, as it provided an opportunity to draw global attention to IT technologies produced in Ukraine.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the national project Diia.Business and the Embassy of Japan, Ukraine was invited for the first time among the participants at the tech exhibition.

According to the State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers, Oleksandr Yarema, "CEATEC 2023 opened new horizons for development and cooperation between Japan and Ukraine. We are proud to have the opportunity to present our innovative solutions to the world at one of Asia's largest technological events."

Lampa Software never misses opportunities, so without hesitation, we submitted our application and successfully went through the selection process for the event!

Lampa Software – Participant in CEATEC 2023 in Japan

This year, co-founder Roman Tymoshchuk and the team from Lampa Software presented the company's IT ideas to a large audience at CEATEC 2023. We managed to captivate foreign entrepreneurs with innovative solutions, drawing their attention to Ukraine.

We were active participants in:

  • Conferences

  • B2B meetings with potential partners

  • Side events, including lectures, presentations, and the CEATEC AWARDS ceremony

Co-founder Roman Tymoshchuk shared his thoughts on this tech event:

"I've just returned from my first visit to Japan. What a wonderful country of contrasts! Incredible beauty, delicious food, and tremendous business opportunities. Every such journey is a great opportunity to show the world that Ukraine is alive, productive, and safe for work. We continue to demonstrate the best quality and deliver world-class results."

Lampa Software – Participant in CEATEC 2023 in Japan


Source: lampa_software

The successful presentation of projects proved that craftsmanship, knowledge exchange, and feedback are invaluable to us and contribute to professional growth!

I want to thank the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office (Ukraine) for this incredible opportunity. Thanks to the amazing and hard work of Elena Bilobrova, Andrii Remizov, Andrii Lytvyn, and Maria Shevchuk we bring Ukraine closer to victory!

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What is Ceatec?

Ceatec is an international technology exhibition held annually to bring together various elements of digitization according to the Japanese model of Society 5.0.

Where and when did CEATEC 2023 take place?

The tech exhibition occurred October 17-20 in Japan, a country known for its cutting-edge technologies.

Which events did Lampa participate in during CEATEC 2023?

The Lampa Software team excelled in conferences, B2B meetings, various lectures, and presentations. We also attended the CEATEC 2023 awards ceremony.


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