Bonding Vacations and How the Lampa Software Team Spent Their Summer

Workdays, meetings, deadlines, and constant inner processes can take a toll on a team. It's essential to step away from certain activities from time to time, especially those beneficial for social connections and relationships within the company.

For Lampa Software, a key value is contributing to social projects, which the company's experts can and want to do continuously. And in the summer of 2023, we had the perfect opportunity.

We invite you to take a brief tour of the events that have unfolded in the life of Lampa Software over the past three months.

Dublin Tech Summit: Making a Debut on the International Stage

A bright event, the @dublintechsummit, marked the end of May and the beginning of June. SaaS, IoT, Fintech, Zero code, DevOps, and many other industries were discussed at the summit. Idea exchange, sharing experiences, reviewing innovations, and bright concepts are just a small part of the activities.

Two representatives from the Lampa Software team attended: Yevgen Gorobey and Roman Tymoshchuk. This summit brought a wealth of emotions to our team and provided an opportunity for a brilliant debut on the international market.

International Children's Day with a Focus on Future Generations

International Children's Day with a Focus on Future Generations

Of course, June 1st is celebrated as Children's Day, but for us, it extended to two days, and here's why:

  • On June 1st, the team's professionals joined in organizing a celebration for the children of fallen Defenders, with the support of @diana_moroz_coach. Various activities, entertainment, and treats—we hope we were able to bring some joy and happiness to the children.

  • On June 2nd, we hosted a happy hour for our little ones. The Puppy Patrol, laughter, and the pitter-patter of little feet echoing through the office corridors brought joy to the kids and the Lampa Software team.

Childhood is a carefree and bright part of life. So, parents, make your children happy so that their memories of this time are the best. 

Meeting with DonNU Students: Future Professionals Ready for Innovation

On June 2nd, we had a combined program. In addition to the celebration for our little ones, we also met with students from @donnu_vin. As part of this event, we gave them a tour of our office and conducted an onboarding course for future IT industry specialists.

Two-way communication, idea sharing, values, and experience exchange made this event even more enriching than planned. Our HR department especially shone by captivating the students with demonstrations and the cultural agenda of the meeting.

Blood Donor Day in a Traditional Format

June 14th – International Blood Donor Day.

Instead of grandiose activities and events, we did what was truly needed. We rolled up our sleeves and collectively donated blood to @vinnytsia_bloodservice

While the event was voluntary, there was more than enough enthusiasm. We hope we could help healthcare professionals save someone's life.

Lampa Chess Champ'23: A Logical Battle Among Team Experts

The end of June marked another exciting annual event – a chess tournament. Originally planned as a one-day event, the competition extended into the evening due to the remarkable skills of the players.

Lampa Software experts showcased exceptional talent, and we witnessed intense battles, unconventional strategies, and thrilling stalemates. In the end, Yuri, a FullStack Developer, emerged as the champion of the season.

Kupala Night: Mystique and Magic from Lampa Software

From July 6th to 7th, Ukrainians traditionally celebrate Kupala Night. While we couldn't fully recreate the authentic atmosphere of the event under current circumstances, we adorned our office with flowers and indulged in traditional cuisine

We hope that next year, we'll be able to celebrate it as it should be.

Conquering Hoverla, Hutyn Tomnatyk, and Pip Ivan (Chornohora)

The beginning of July took our team on an adventurous three-day journey to the steep slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. We'll call it "extreme team-building." When you conquer another peak with your team, you not only look after yourself but also your fellow participants.

Overall, this event injected Lampa Software experts with a dose of enthusiasm and positivity that continues to fuel us.

"Dim Mama": Caring for Those in Need

The end of July saw another significant event for Lampa Software. We visited the crisis center for mothers and children, "Dim Mama", with support from @diana_moroz_coach. We gathered essential aid and delivered it to the center personally.

Our involvement didn't stop at donating items; we organized a celebration for the caregivers at the center. A little joy and happiness never hurt anyone, especially in these challenging times.

Independence Day: A Unifying Celebration

August 24th is Ukraine's Independence Day, and Lampa Software couldn't let this significant holiday pass unnoticed. We arranged a mini-quest for our team, decorating the office with yellow-and-blue ribbons leading to a shared photo zone.

The goal of the event was to engage all company specialists in decorating a giant Ukrainian flag. We all reached our destination, took several group photos, and adorned the flag with messages from each participant. By the way, this symbol now decorates the Lampa Software game room.

Final Thought

No matter how enjoyable and socially meaningful last summer was, it ushered in a season of increased work activity (by the way, we can also take on your project development). However, this isn't a reason to forego periodic volunteering or internal events. So, the Lampa Software team won't say goodbye for long and will soon be back with new reports.

How did you spend your summer? Share with us in the comments!

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What was the purpose and significance of the Lampa Chess Champ'23 event, and who emerged as the champion?

The Lampa Chess Champ'23 was an annual chess tournament. The purpose was to encourage logical thinking and friendly competition among team members. Yuri, a FullStack Developer, emerged as the champion, showcasing exceptional skills and sportsmanship.

What were the key events and activities that the Lampa Software team participated in during the summer of 2023?

The Lampa Software team participated in a series of events, including the Dublin Tech Summit, International Children's Day celebrations, a meeting with DonNU students, Blood Donor Day, a chess tournament, a Kupala Night celebration, a team-building adventure in the Carpathian Mountains, a visit to the crisis center "Dim Mama," and an Independence Day celebration.

Why is it important for a company like Lampa Software to engage in social projects and events like those described in the article?

Lampa Software values social engagement as it fosters team bonding, contributes to the well-being of the community, and aligns with the company's core values. It offers team members opportunities to make a positive impact beyond their professional roles.

How did Lampa Software contribute to Children's Day, and what was the significance of extending the celebration to two days?

On June 1st, Lampa Software organized a celebration for the children of fallen Defenders with various activities. On June 2nd, they hosted a happy hour for their employees' children, creating a family-friendly workplace. The significance was to bring joy to the children and strengthen the bonds between team members.

Can you elaborate on the impact of Lampa Software's interaction with students from DonNU and how it aligns with their values and goals?

The meeting with DonNU students included a tour of Lampa Software's office and an onboarding course for future IT industry specialists. It facilitated two-way communication, idea sharing, and experience exchange. This aligns with the company's commitment to nurturing the next generation of IT professionals and sharing its values and expertise.


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