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According to an Arbringer study, about 90% of CEOs believe corporate culture's importance is growing rapidly. 

This is facilitated by the following factors:

  • team adaptation to hybrid working conditions;

  • internal processes aimed at establishing communication between employees;

  • integration of flexible work schedules;

  • management efforts to unite employees around common points of interest;

  • joint leisure activities, corporate parties, rallies, themed events, etc.

Lampa Software cares about its employees and focuses on building a healthy and open culture within the team.

What Is Company Culture?

First and foremost, it is the relationship between employees, subordination, respect for each other, and common values that unite the team.

  • Corporations have long used culture to improve process coordination and productivity.  

It usually stimulates employees and serves as a standard of behavior and interaction for experienced workers and newcomers.

Why is it important to maintain it well?

Even in small companies with 100-150 employees, creating and maintaining corporate ethics and culture is essential. It is through these values and principles that healthy relationships within the team are fostered, effective communication is established, and employees interact harmoniously. 

How Lampa Software does it:

The Lampa Software team is actively working on building a strong corporate culture within the company. We have made significant progress in this regard, but things will still be gradually added to the program soon.

Check out Lampa Software's progress in creating organic relationships between employees over the past few years through various events and activities for all team members.

Team Buildings

Team Buildings

We are all different, but we are determined to achieve our goals, despite all the challenges and potential problems. This results from the hard work we do with the team occasionally. Quests, brainstorming sessions, logic puzzles, and many other thematic activities bring the team together about once a month.

How effective are they? The performance in 2023 increased compared to 2022 and 2021. And this is taking into account the current situation in Ukraine.



We don't limit ourselves to work but spend time together learning something new, for example, how to arrange Easter baskets. Yes, the traditional design approach doesn't work here, so we involved specialists  @balkony1912 and @tanyagoncharenko

Was this masterclass effective? Yes, because it revealed our employees' hidden talents and brought many positive emotions to all participants.

Different Themed Events

Different Themed Events

Unfortunately, we cannot hold events as often as before the full-scale war. But this does not mean that we should abandon them altogether. Moreover, such monthly or annual events have a significant impact on the emotional state of the team.

Theatre day

A cultural vacation at @theatersadovskogo is an event that will be remembered for a long time. The play "Glorious!" by Peter Quilter gave the team a boost of positive energy and vivid emotions due to the talented performance of the actors. 

History of Vinnytsia

The city where you work and live cannot but evoke warm feelings. But do you know everything about it? We didn't, so we invited Yevhen Safaryans (a guide at the Vinnytsia Museum) to visit us and offered to give us a virtual tour of the city's history.

World pet day

Did you know that four-legged friends are similar to their owners? We confirmed this by spending a Pet Day at the Lampa Software office. It was an interesting and fun experience, given that the order and schedule were not affected by the temporary doubling of the team. 

Water paddling

We enjoyed outdoor activities, a lot of positive emotions, and a lot of fun at @riverclub_vin in September 2022. Rafting on the Bug River, somersaults from IT specialists, and many valuable memories will be etched in the hearts of Lampa Software team members forever.

Final Words

Corporate ethics and culture are rules of behavior in the team, not restrictions. It's more about having fun, team development, and learning something exciting and extraordinary with your colleagues.

Unfortunately, we have fewer opportunities to organize various activities during the war. However, Lampa Software is trying to execute scenarios to help unite the team even more!

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How does Lampa Software prioritize building a healthy and open company culture?

Lampa Software recognizes the importance of corporate culture and focuses on establishing strong relationships between employees, promoting respect, and sharing common values. They actively organize events and activities to foster a positive and harmonious team environment.

What is the significance of maintaining a strong corporate culture in a company, even with a smaller team size?

Corporate culture is essential even in smaller companies as it fosters healthy relationships, effective communication, and harmonious interactions among team members. It serves as a standard of behavior and contributes to overall team cohesion.

How does Lampa Software engage its team members and promote a positive work environment through various activities?

Lampa Software employs a variety of activities such as team-building exercises, masterclasses, themed events, and cultural experiences to bring team members together and enhance their connection. These activities contribute to improved performance and a positive emotional state.

Can you provide examples of the types of events and activities Lampa Software organizes for its team members?

Lampa Software organizes diverse events, including team-building quests, masterclasses on various topics, themed events like Theatre Day and World Pet Day, and outdoor activities such as water paddling and historical city tours.

How does Lampa Software adapt its approach to fostering a strong culture during challenging times, such as the ongoing war?

Despite the challenges of the ongoing war, Lampa Software continues to prioritize its team's well-being and unity. While there may be fewer opportunities for activities, the company remains committed to executing scenarios that help strengthen team bonds and maintain a positive work environment.


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