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Lampa develops digital solutions with an attractive user interface. We have great experience building custom websites and user-centric apps using the unique ReactJS features.


Our ReactJS Development Services

A set of offers from Lampa for your purposes


Migration to ReactJS

We assist you in migrating to ReactJS. This opens new opportunities for you to improve the quality of the product. It improves the speed of an app, simplifies the implementation of frontend features, and reduces the risk of creating spaghetti code. In addition, migration creates optimal conditions for support and maintenance.


ReactJS UI/UX Development

Our team creates interactive user interfaces. We consider all aspects on which the aesthetics and usability of interaction with the product depend. Your business requirements, the enterprise's corporate identity, customers' needs, and market trends are among the main ones.


ReactJS Consulting

Our experts dive into your project to suggest the best ways to migrate to ReactJS or build a project implementation strategy. You can contact us with any questions related to development based on this technology, as well as testing and launching.


Single Page Application

We create single-page apps using ReactJS in minimal time. The apps we develop have such important features: speed, responsive UI, user-friendly UX, lower server load, and less transferred data.


Ongoing ReactJS Maintenance and Support

If necessary, we provide professional assistance even after deployment. It's all about continuous support and maintenance of the application: from implementing new features to adapting to frequently changing browser and device configurations.


ReactJS web app development

With ReactJS web development services, we implement progressive and dynamic apps from scratch. All you have to do is share your ideas and requirements for the project, and our team will do the rest. You get a user-friendly web product that is easily scalable and optimized for search engine promotion.

Our ReactJS Development Company
Case Studies

Our technology projects created with ReactJS

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Why Choosing Our Services
For ReactJS Development Is a Good Idea?

Agile approach

To provide ReactJS development service, we choose an iterative approach. Instead of releasing the entire product, we perform tasks in small periods. We analyze requirements and deliverables within each one and reassess plans and priorities. This allows for greater project work flexibility and faster value delivery to customers.

Dedicated team

The team is formed for your project, considering the industry and individual requirements. We involve specialists with relevant skills and experience: business analysts, UI/UX designers, testers, and programmers. We also allocate a project manager, who distributes the tasks between the executives, controls the process, and keeps in touch with you.

100% client satisfaction

Planning and strategizing, prioritizing functions, analyzing results, and reassessing priorities - all work is done according to your requirements and wishes. You are directly involved at every stage of SDLC, giving us feedback on all issues. In this way, we try to make custom ReactJS development services as client-oriented as possible.

95% of the company – Senior and Middle engineers

The specialists of our ReactJS development services company have impressive experience. You can be sure that Middle and Senior engineers are working on your project. They are fluent in JavaScript and JavaScript-based libraries, including React JS, and can efficiently manage technical projects of any complexity.

15% employee turnover rate

Our company has a low staff turnover. Specialists have worked at Lampa for years, accumulating valuable experience working with projects from different industries. The contractors assigned to your project go with you all the way – from the idea to the product launch. We guarantee you the stability of cooperation and benefits in the long term.

Engagement models

With us, you can choose the most convenient model of cooperation. For example, you can hire a dedicated team full-time or use outstaffing services at a fixed price/hourly rate. If you are interested in flexible hiring for a short-term project full-time, it makes sense to choose an outstaffing model.

Our ReactJS Development Process

  • Step 1

    Wireframing & Design

  • Step 2

    Build architecture

  • Step 3

    Software development

  • Step 4


Wireframing & Design

We develop applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
Lampa team starts with the analysis of a project and the construction of a layout. On this basis, we develop the design, thinking through all the visual elements. This allows us to see how the program will look in the future. Later on, a team of programmers will work on this prototype.

Build architecture

We develop applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
At this stage, we design the logical part and make the layout of the interface. Programmers create working modules following the ToR. The layout designer makes all the original elements clickable and active. Developers are responsible for creating the backend and product logic.

Software development

We develop applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
Our team performs the entire development cycle in accordance with the agreed deadlines. At the end of each iteration, you get a report on the results and can provide feedback. QA specialists are also involved in the work, looking for and fixing bugs.


We develop applications for
  • Large Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-ups
As part of custom ReactJS app development services, we assist even after the product has been brought to market. This concerns both technical support and implementation of new features, security updates, integration with additional services and modules, and platform adaptation for different countries.

Technologies We Use

JavaScript experts at Lampa.Dev utilize only top JavaScript technologies across a range of services, ensuring your web solutions achieve top-notch performance, stability, and security. With our development experience, full-stack development services, and JavaScript back-end development platform playing a pivotal role in building bespoke JavaScript solutions, you'll receive web applications in robust states.

By leveraging popular JavaScript frameworks, the JavaScript development team at can build custom web applications or websites that cater to your business needs. Just look at what development language and associated technologies can be applied to create an end-to-end JavaScript project.

Module bundlers








Web services

Web Socket

Rest API





State managers


Redux toolkit



UI libraries



Ant design


Industry Solutions We Worked On

Expertise in 14 highly competitive areas


Software solutions designed to solve corporate problems, control staff, and achieve operational and strategic business objectives.


Multimedia digital products that are used to provide audiences with real-time audio and video content.


Apps for a variety of PetTech tasks, such as pet health monitoring, training, or out-of-home location tracking.


Innovative solutions with great development potential in different industries based on advanced technologies, including IO, big data, IoT, etc.


Software that helps optimize financial tasks: lending, insurance, payments, transfers, and more.


Custom solutions with extensive functionality for leisure activities, planning tasks, organizing your daily routine, and tracking your meals.


Apps that give you access to different types of content about your workouts and allow you to track your health throughout the day.

Social network

Platforms for dating, communication, entertainment, publishing content for a wide audience, and building business communications.

Cashback service

Services tailored to the needs of shoppers who want to get the most out of online shopping.


Systems and services that help to perform corporate, creative, scientific, research, and other types of tasks faster and easier.


Apps for clinical process optimization, online consultations, and remote patient health monitoring.


Web-based platforms and mobile apps designed to manage the online store and provide a personalized shopping experience.


Platforms for creating travel routes, booking hotels, buying transport tickets, and finding places and attractions.


A web space where sellers and buyers (B2C, B2B, C2C) meet to make mutually beneficial deals and cloud platforms for creating and launching marketplaces.

Our ReactJS Development Expertise

Help improve the security, performance, and functionality of solutions

    • 01

      UX review. Evaluating the product in terms of usability for the target user and improving the interaction experience.

    • 02

      Exploratory testing. Analysis of your project for further upgrades and adaptation to current requirements.

    • 03

      Code audit. Code analysis to detect the causes of performance, speed, and functionality degradation.

    • 04

      Security. Scanning for vulnerabilities and implementation of modern cybersecurity protocols and data encryption.

Methodologies We Use

Professional approach to planning, control, and management of the workflow


We provide ReactJS development services based on an Agile methodology. We break the process into small iterations (2-3 weeks). Each involves a whole set of project tasks, from planning to testing. All our steps and actions are carefully documented. You receive reports on the results at the end of each iteration. This approach increases the development speed, which means your product will reach the market faster.


During the ReactJS app development process, we support communication between employees from different departments: Devs, QA, Ops. This allows us to automate and integrate key SDLC processes. This increases team productivity, minimizes errors and ensures responsiveness to changes. As a result, your product is launched in half the time while maintaining decent quality.

How Do We Cooperate?

Interaction models for your goals and objectives

Dedicated team

A profitable model of ReactJS development company services for complex long-term projects. You hire the team of specialists that the project needs right now. It can be only programmers or experts in different areas: BA, UI/UX, and QA. The team works full-time, adhering to your specifications. You manage it directly or with the support of our project manager.


Flexible hiring of specialists mainly for short-term projects. You hire remote contractors for a specific range of tasks. They work full-time to achieve exclusively your business goals and adhere to your corporate culture. You are given full management control.


Access to a vast pool of IT talent for any project, regardless of deadline or level of complexity. You delegate tasks or business processes (fully/partially) to outside specialists. Contractors provide their services at a fixed price or hourly rate. You can keep in touch with them through our manager and adjust the team composition at your discretion.

Why We Use
ReactJS For Web Development Services?

Powerful capabilities for building websites and apps


High performance

ReactJS has outstanding performance. Among the main features that increase the speed of the UI: virtual DOM using HTML, XML, XHTML, and server-side rendering. Combined with other modern technologies, such as Redux, there are even more options for running complex applications and fixing performance problems.



Using the ReactJS platform ensures code transparency and predictability. Thanks to the one-way data flow, minor changes in subsidiary structures do not affect the parent structure. If necessary, a developer can easily change the object's state and track the changes made in any data segment. This ensures code stability and smooth product operation.



ReactJS is a valuable tool for building interactive UI. It is suitable for large-scale projects with complex logic and wide functionality. We choose it when we need to create a mobile app for iOS/Android or a web product with a high-quality design that will definitely attract the attention of target users.


Reusable components

The complex UI is broken down into small blocks available for reuse in other projects. New apps with similar functionality are created using existing components. We practice this in our ReactJS application development services to simplify workflow, reduce project timeframe and increase IT team productivity.



Server-side rendering ensures fast delivery of structured HTML code. This positively affects SEO, for example, by allowing all meta tags to be created to improve indexing. Thanks to fast rendering, the speed of page loading is reduced, which increases the chances of getting to the top of Google search results.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which is better, React or Angular?

They are used for different purposes. React is ideal for startups because it allows you to bring a product to market in the shortest possible time and offers great opportunities for SEO. Angular is suitable for projects with an emphasis on complex functionality.


Is ReactJS a framework or a library?

This is a JS library. It is focused on a certain range of tasks related to UI.


Will React still be relevant in 2024?

Of course. It is one of the most used technologies for front-end development tasks.


Is Vue better than React?

Both are valued for their high performance, speed, and flexibility. However, React has a better ecosystem and offers a wider choice of templates and additional tools. This gives developers more freedom.

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